French myths busted

Guest post: When I was a French professor at a US university, I used to get questions all the time about what the French are really like. Some were great questions about dating, eating, vacations. Others were...well, they raised my doubt about the saying "There are no stupid questions..."

Interview: Claudia Toutain-Dorbec - 1

Episode 1: My life and passion. "My curiosity about so many things (nature, people, other cultures and the world) drives me to ‘see’, and in that ‘seeing’ I find beauty everywhere, even in the most unusual objects considered by others as trash or ugly. A piece of asphalt from Route 66, rocks found along the old Sante Fe railroad line, sun-baked sticks from a New Mexico arroyo, windswept coyote bones discovered in backcountry or the trimmings from the gardener's baskets in Giverny."