Review : One Night in Paris

One Night in Paris is a charming article written by Susan Kurosawa about a night when all of Paris hotels were booked solid and her and her partner had little to do. Instead of sulking about their misfortune, or skipping Paris altogether, they decide to dine at a snazzy Parisian restaurant (chef Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athenee).

1920s postcards

The ones I thought might interest you, dear MyFrenchLife™ visitor, are the six postcards sent…
 Paris, France

American City Girl turns French Country Girl

After moving to France and living in the city my whole life, I started to gravitate toward the countryside when deciding to buy my first home in Provence. The hustle and bustle of everyday life was not for me anymore. I never had any peace and quiet, there were too many cars on the road (French people don’t walk as much as the used to), I was surround all the time by neighbors, I had no yard or garden and the city was not very clean. Life had changed me and I wanted a piece of the old, quiet, French life that I saw in the movies. That’s what I wanted and that is what I found. Was I becoming an old fogey?!