Interview: Jean Marc Paumier ('Rue Meurt d'Art')

Keep your eyes up, as you walk around the streets of the city, both in Paris and Colombes, and you'll see work by 'Rue Meurt d'Art', which is a pleasurably ambiguous play on words where we aren't sure if it's the streets which are killing art, art which is smothering the streets, the streets which are dying for lack of art, or if it all isn't just a bunch of vicious rumours...

Les couleurs de Normandie

If you grew up along the coast as I did, you will always long for the sea. So you can guess what I miss most here in Paris! Luckily Deauville-Trouville is just a 2-hour trainride from Gare Saint-Lazare, perfect to fulfill some urgent needs every now and then!