19 03, 2013

The best of French in New York: Your ultimate guide to Macaron Day – Part Two

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With such a huge rise in popularity, both in France and in the States, some may wonder if the macaron is in danger of becoming a cliché, a product so intensely and frequently marketed as 'French' that it becomes boring and predictable, and more importantly, no longer desirable.

19 03, 2013

Best of French in New York: Your ultimate guide to Macaron Day – Part One

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When one thinks of classic French culinary emblems, many things come to mind - the crispy baguette, the buttery croissant, the indulgent pain au chocolat. But in recent years, a certain French pastry has risen in popularity on both sides of the Atlantic– the chewy and delightful macaron.

5 09, 2012

Top 10 French indulgences: Confessions of an amateur pâtissière

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Pastries don’t have to be the fancy, over-the-top constructions that Carême, the celebrated late-18th century cook, wrote about. Délicieux is what counts. Next time you’re in striking distance of a pâtisserie, you might look for one of these top ten.

15 10, 2011

Interview: Daniëlle Todd

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The story behind Paris Pastry is that I had began baking a lot during one lazy summer. Browsing online for recipes I stumbled upon various baking-blogs... I was immediately inspired to write down and photograph the things that I had baked. After a while I made the decision to start a blog so my friends, family and maybe a few baking-enthusiasts could see what I had been making.

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