30 12, 2011

Making Languages Fun!

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The goal of LCF is to teach language through having fun. Through the magic of games, songs, worksheets, art projects, and role-playing, children discover just how much fun learning a language can be. The atmosphere is relaxed & lesson plans are absolutely magnificent- well thought out, easy to execute, comprehensive, and a delight for both the teacher and the children.

21 12, 2011

Interview: Janet Hulstrand – 2

By |2016-02-04T12:25:32+11:00Dec 21, 2011|2 Comments

"I like to write about things I feel passionate about, whether it’s a favorite place or a pet peeve. If I’m writing about something I hate, writing helps to discharge the anger. If I’m writing about something I love, it’s fun to share my enthusiasm with others. To me each piece of writing is a challenge, a kind of puzzle to solve."

20 06, 2011

The life of an English teacher in Paris

By |2013-07-08T11:41:05+10:00Jun 20, 2011|1 Comment

The life of a Prof d’anglais isn’t always as idyllic as one would hope though. I often find myself in the metro struggling through a congested corridor, dashing for the RER then squeezing onboard, starring eyeball to eyeball with men in suits talking loudly and obnoxiously on their portables...

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