You are…

  • A native English speaker with excellent French.
  • Melbourne-based.
  • Passionate about learning more about editorial and publishing.
  • graduate of Media & Communications, Editing, or Writing or similiar
  • Passionate about entering the evolving digital media world to build a career or change direction.

Time commitment…

This is a full time role – it’s a career development role where you can immerse yourself in your passion of the best of all things French with your desired career development.

What will you get from a role with us?

  • Proven experience in a dynamic, fast growing (mostly) anglophone business environment.
  • Knowledge and hands on experience of how the publishing industry works behind the scenes.
  • Exposure to the running of a digital magazine and community: strategic, tactical & everyday grind.
  • Proven experience as an editorial coordinator, putting you on the pathway to become an Editor.
  • The chance to work with team members based all across the globe.
  • The opportunity to improve your French.
  • New skills in a changing industry that interests you will put you ahead of others.

What will you have the chance to do?

  • Finesse your editing, communication, delegation & training skills.
  • Coordinate our communications team – be the ultimate friendly face to greet every enquiry!
  • Take content from submission to publication: processes, people and quality are under your control.
  • Ensure we are Interacting with and engaging on our website and social media platforms to a high level and with our brand voice.
  • Be always learning personally & also to ensure that we continue to nurture our learning, caring, generous and passionate culture.
  • Establish and maintain deep curiosity: in relation to France, the French & our content but also about how we can offer continually improving experiences for our readers and contributors.
  • Be challenged and prepared to work hard and learn more than you can even imagine right now – work beside the founder.
  • And other opportunities as they occur!

Here you can read more about who we are and what’s important to us.

Role requirements

Experience preferred: This is a full time salaried role suited to someone wanting to break into the digital editorial and publishing world, or to redirect their career.

If you are inexperienced and you are still interested in an opportunity to enter this type of career path we could start you as an intern. Our Internships are structured and documented professionally so as to further enhance your experience.

How to apply

To apply please send in confidence your CV and information about your career objectives. We have a fantastic team and culture, and positions are sought after, so if you are interested then please apply immediately.

Please email your cover letter and CV to with the subject line: 

Role: Editorial Coordinator Melbourne – ENG + FR – Full time

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