Sharing the passion at MaVieFrançaise® – member events

Georges V - Feb 2013 - KBC 4

Our members have always said that there’s something particularly special about our events. Is it the meeting of other members with shared interests? Or the coming-together of people from every corner of the globe? Is it the infectious laughter, passionate discussion or fascinating stories shared?

For Rachel Kaplan, it was the atmosphere.

“I could feel the difference in this group the moment I walked into the restaurant,” she said of the first MaVieFrançaise® event she attended. “I felt warmth radiating from the group; I felt welcome and I met some terribly savvy women from all over the world.”

MFL_26072012_stevewells 021 - Paris July 2012

If you’d like to meet fellow francophiles, French natives and expats then we invite you to attend one of our many special member-only MaVieFrançaise® events!



Did you know our Melbourne events started way back in 2010? We now have more than 1650 members in our French conversation group, and host eight events each month in Melbourne alone!

We would love to have you along to one of our events in Melbourne, to chat, laugh and practice your French!


For more details, to join and RSVP to events, we invite you to read the member testimonials and to visit our French in Melbourne group currently hosted on Meetup.


Are you living in Paris? Do you travel there regularly or occasionally?

Le Meurice - Dec 2012 - FR 2

Our members – a wonderful mélange of French natives, francophiles, expats and travellers – have been meeting in Paris every few months for our ‘Paris Indulgences’. From high tea to champagne, delectable dinners and relaxed lunches, whatever the time of day or location, we’d love to have you along.

Judy - Frenchie - Feb 2013

Be sure you’ve become a MaVieFrançaise® member to receive your special invitation to any future Paris Indulgences.

More locations coming soon…

Paris and Melbourne are just a taste of the events we hope to offer in future. Our first London event is happening very soon, and If you’re in Chicago or New York stay tuned – we’ll be coming your way before you know it.

Georges V - Feb 2013 - KBC 2

To keep up-to-date, be sure to sign-up and become a member. You’ll be the first to know when we come to town!

Would you like to read more?

Judy - Racines Deux - Feb 2013

Read about our most recent Paris Indulgences as we braved the cold in February to chat, share and laugh with Paris-based members, or those passing through. Or perhaps you’d like to hear more about our December Indulgences, with high tea at Le Meurice and dinner at Frenchie among our many gatherings.

In July, we were delighted to invite members to join us for une verre and an exclusive performance from Cabaret doyenne, Caroline Nin.

MFL_26072012_stevewells 081 - July 2012

We’d love to see you at one of our events soon!

Don’t forget to sign-up as a member to receive updates, or if you’re in Melbourne, join our French conversation group.

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1 & 7. Kala Barba-Court
2 & 9. Steve Wells
5. François Roland
3, 4, 6 & 8. Judy MacMahon