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French Film Friday

It’s the end of the week, and that means only one thing: time to pick out which French films you’ll be watching this weekend. From action to romance, comedy to costume drama, there’s something for everyone.

French Music Monday

Still struggling to get going after the weekend? Settle into the working week with our curated selection of French music to get you through Monday.

Getting into new French fiction

We all studied the classics at school, but how much do you know about the new generation of French fiction writers? Come with us on a literary journey across France today.


Discover the many faces of France: chefs, authors, artists, architects, singers, restaurateurs... people just like you, with a passion that ties them to France. Listen as they share their scintillating stories, treasured memories and favourite French places.

Le Buzz

Go beyond the news with ‘Le Buzz’ – the ultimate guide to what’s getting people talking in France: we explore the issues, the paradoxes & event the gossip.

Les Parisettes: Paris off the beaten track

Tricia and Gemma are 'Les Parisettes'; taking us by the hand to discover Paris off the beaten path. They share the hidden gems Paris rarely shows to just any ordinary visitor - only savvy travellers who truly wish to uncover her secrets. This is Paris behind the curtain and beyond the cliché: just the way we like it...