When renting an apartment in Paris, there is always one big question: who can you trust?

We all know that renting an apartment can feel like an expensive trip au casino – you’re all in, but who knows what the outcome will be? And, oh, the relief when you turn up at the door, case in hand, and you’ve got it right.

What if you could take away that uneasy feeling and be sure you could trust the quality of the apartments on offer? We want to do the hard work for you, so you can sleep easy on the plane ride over.

At the moment we’re hard at work, checking out these places just for you…

We’ve been inspecting the views from each balcony, bouncing on the sofas and beds, turning every tap; saying hello to the neighbours, counting every stair and checking out the size of the elevators.


And even more important – we’ve been scoping out our top picks of the local restaurants, haunts and cafés, so we can give you our insider tips.

So if you’re going to Paris soon, send us an email at  info@myfrenchlife.org and tell us your favourite spot in Paris, your budget, number of guests and dates.

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