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Who are we?

1. What is My French Life™?

We’re a community of francophiles and French natives & expats who want to discover French lifestyle beyond the cliché. We know there’s so much more to France than meets the eye.

Through our online magazine, this community shares insider tips, advice and suggestions to challenge our thinking about France; to be savvy travellers rather than tourists; and to live and dream every day en français.

Read more about us here.

2. What will I get if I become a member?

Our members immerse themselves in our online magazine and newsletter – ‘Le Bulletin’.
– And we believe that it’s important to offer more than an online experience.
– So… we have a private group (on Facebook) where like-minded francophiles share and make connections. Many members make plans to meet up when in France – it’s great to see this happening when they chose to post photos.
– We also offer a recently translated French fiction Book club…You can join the book club via our Private Community group on Facebook (with a subgroup to discuss books)
– We also offer events from time to time, in Paris and in Melbourne Australia, plus online events.
We look forward to you joining this global community of Francophiles, which many members refer to as a special safe, generous place on the internet.

3. How do I become a member?

We’re glad you asked! Simply click on the sign-up red button at the top of your screen to get started. We’ll then walk you through the process.

4. How do I sign up for regular newsletters?

By becoming a member! (Don’t worry, it’s free.) Just click on the sign-up red button at the top of your screen. Or you’ll see the Subscribe Newsletter form on the left sidebar of the site. Either will ensure that you receive le Bulletin each Saturday along with all other members: “Savvy Francophiles read ‘le Bulletin’: a luscious immersive weekend of Francophilia”

If you’ve already signed up as a member – don’t worry, you automatically become part of our email subscriber list.

5. Where can you find us (in the real world)?

Funny you should ask – chances are, a handful of our team members are already working in your city! Our teams of writers, editors, and interns are based all across the world.

Our offices are based in Melbourne, Australia, and Judy spends time in France and Paris several times each year. We also have a strong contingency of correspondents and interns based in Paris (we’re always on the lookout for more!)

And our members live all across the world!

6. What is the French thread™?

‘The French Thread™’ is a notion that is at the core of the My French Life™ community. As a community, we started as strangers. It is the French Thread™ – being our interest, curiosity, and passion for all things French – which connects us. It’s that special thing we all have in common, although we come from different backgrounds, nationalities, and places.

And our members live all across the world – connected by ‘The French Thread™’ !

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Our French Conversation Group

7. How do I register for the French conversation group in Melbourne?

There are two steps to registering for the ‘French in Melbourne’ conversation groups:

Step 1. Sign up as a MyFrenchLife™ – MyFrenchLife.org member – Click here to join!
Step 2. Only members of MyFrenchLife.org can join this ‘French Conversation’ Group – Sign up here at Meetup.com – the platform through which we run these events.
You can RSVP to the conversation groups through your Meetup account.

You will need to join meetup using your real name – (at least your first name, first name, and last name initial, or first and last name) – and an accompanying photo – consistent with your MyFrenchLife™ membership.

This is so we know who you are and for everyone’s comfort and safety in attending events. People using fictitious names, avatar names or the like will be deleted from RSVP lists.

These reunions are small groups of French speakers sharing, chatting, laughing and making real-world connections – another important part of MyFrenchLife community. We’ll look forward to seeing you at an event très bientôt !

8. How often are the French conversation events held in Melbourne?

We hold some events weekly and others monthly, in Melbourne. More details can be found here. We’d love to see you there!

9. What level of French do I need to join the conversation group?

This is a warm, welcoming, and supportive group, so there’s not need for nerves 🙂 We’d recommend at least an intermediate level of spoken French, so you can get to know your fellow attendees, and have a good chat en français ! This is not a group for beginners. (Note: we don’t speak English, we only speak French)

10. Where are the conversation events held?

Our conversation events are held in various spots around the inner-city of Melbourne: Fitzroy Gardens, Southbank, Armadale etc.
To discover the exact locations of each event, please visit our French in Melbourne page on Meetup.

11. What is the price to attend the French conversation group in Melbourne?

Make sure that you pay $4.00 per person to the host when you arrive at the event – if you’re unsure how to do that, just ask your friendly French conversation host!

12. When will you be running events in my city?

We regularly hold events in Paris and Melbourne; and London, New York and Chicago could be coming soon. We’d love to meet you in your city, so we hope to be there soon!

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Become a team member – work or write for us

13. I’m interested in writing for My French Life™. How does it work?

Well, that sounds great! We’re always looking for regular contributors, and we’d love to have a chat.

We don’t mind where in the world you are based, so long as you share a love for all things French and are committed to creating quality challenging engaging content to help our members discover France beyond the cliché.

First, please visit our Contributor submissions page for more on what kind of content we’re after, and how to pitch your ideas to our editorial team.

14. Do you accept guest posts?

The simple answer here is nonpas vraiment. While we’re willing to make exceptions, we do prefer to take on regular contributors.

It’s not because we’re greedy, but rather because we’ve developed an excellente training program for new writers! We love to share our expertise on how to write for the web, and craft stories that people will find and share. This takes time, bien sûr, so we prefer not to take once-off contributions. Please check our Contributor submissions page for more details.

15. Where do I find out about job vacancies with My French Life™?

We list all current openings – for internships and careers – on our ‘Work with us‘ page. First, you might like to read about what it’s like to a be a team member with us (we think it’s pretty fun here, but then again, we’re biased).

16. Do you offer internships?

Mais oui ! We love to hear from enthusiastic interns looking for all kinds of opportunities. Whilst most internships with the magazine are editorial, we do tailor each to the individual. So we’d be keen to chat about your interests and passions to see if we can find a position that suits.

First, we suggest discover more about what it’s like to a be a team member with us and then visit our ‘Work with us‘ page for current vacancies.

Please check the position descriptions for an idea of the role requirements – things like experience, location and French or English language abilities.

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Partners, sponsors & advertising

17. I have an interesting French business, organisation or initiative – would you like to feature me on your magazine?

Sounds interesting – we’d love to chat!

We always enjoy meeting the fascinating people behind interesting French business, brands and organisations. If we feel their stories will be of interest and benefit to our members, we’re very happy to share. Of course, we retain independence at all times – but this is what makes our recommendations and discoveries all the more special!

Please do get in touch to tell us your story, or click here find out more about the partnership, advertising and sponsorship opportunities we offer.

18. I’m interested in advertising and sponsorship opportunities. What do you offer?

We work with partners, sponsors and advertisers to bring their story to our niche audience. All campaigns are bespoke, and can be global or local.

Our partners, sponsors and advertisers are part of a special community of people who want to tell, read and share great stories. We are experts at finding and shaping and telling your story to suit our audience.

We’re looking for people and brands that will help our audience to achieve their dreams. Can you help them get there? Click here to read more about how we can tell your story and connect you with our community.