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2711, 2022

Reopening Bibliothèque Nationale de France: Weekday Wandering in Paris

By |Nov 27, 2022|Arts + Culture, Architecture & Design, Columns|0 Comments

A TOUR: The historic Richelieu site of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BnF) located in the centre of Paris has just reopened to the public after 12 years of work.

2408, 2022

CODA and La Famille Bélier — A great remake of a French ‘Feel Good’ film — Part 1

By |Aug 24, 2022|Arts + Culture, Literature & Theatre|1 Comment

CODA is the U.S. remake of a 2014 French film, La Famille Bélier, the latest in a long list of Hollywood adaptations of French movie hits - Wikipedia lists 105 of them

2903, 2022

Men On The Verge of A Nervous Breakdown: Alliance Française French Film Festival 2022

By |Mar 29, 2022|Arts + Culture, Film & Music|0 Comments

Men On The Verge of A Nervous Breakdown: A mix of hippie therapy & male bonding, not an American film full of stereotypes and clichés.

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