French Book Club EVENT: Saturday 27 April 2024 – The Postcard by Anne Berest – RSVP – Are you joining us?

As we’re at the culmination of reading our second 2024 book: ‘The Postcard’ by Anne Berest, we’ve scheduled an online EVENT to enable us to share, discuss, laugh, and connect about the book and with each other – francophiles across the world.

Are you joining us?


There will be two EVENTS, both on Saturday 27 February. Each event will run for just over an hour.


A Zoom link is essential to access the event.
If you have NOT REGISTERED yet, here is the form. Be quick.
– If you have registered and do NOT have a Zoom link by 20 April, then email me ASAP -pls check your email inbox & Spam folder first.

[Look for an email from: with the subject line:
Your ZOOM link April ’24 French Book Club Discussion EVENT:’ The Postcard by Anne Berest]

If you’d like to invite a friend to attend please ask them to complete this registration form to get their Zoom link: 


These will be informal small-group discussions. Both Jacqueline Dubois Pasquier & I will be present to welcome you and facilitate the discussion.


We recommend that you read the book before attending. Also, we encourage you to have at hand quotations you’d like to highlight – not essential. And you’re welcome to join us even if you haven’t finished reading this book.

Note: EVENT TIME for your time zone.


  • UK/ Ireland:
    Saturday 27 April – 9am
  • France:
    – Saturday
     – 27 April – 10am
  • Australia
    – East Coast – Saturday 27 April – 6pm


  • USA:
    – PDT – Saturday 27 April – 1pm
    – MST – Saturday 27 April – 1pm
    – CDT – Saturday 27 April – 3pm
    – EST  Saturday 27 April – 4pm 
  • France:
     Saturday 27 April – 10pm
  • Australia:
    – East Coast – SUNDAY 28 April – 6am


Once you’ve registered you will receive an email with the Zoom link to attend the EVENT.

Once you receive that email please hit ‘Reply’ to confirm you have the Zoom link.

A reminder for those who’ve not finished the book, please join us to listen or participate, the choice is yours.

We’re looking forward to chatting about this fascinating book.

Warm regards
Judy MacMahon, Fondatrice and Jacqueline Dubois Pasquier, Founding Facilitator, MyFrenchLife™️ French Book Club

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