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904, 2024

A French Controversy: Who Will Sing at the Opening of the Paris Olympics

By |Apr 9, 2024|News & beyond..., Reportage + Société|2 Comments

Aya Nakamura has been invited to sing an Édith Piaf song at the Paris Summer Olympic Games opening ceremony. A firestorm immediately erupted! What's your View?

1210, 2023

France: Academie Francaise – New leader & New Dictionary to come…

By |Oct 12, 2023|News & beyond..., Reportage + Société|0 Comments

Académie Française, the 388-year-old prestigious custodian, and promoter of the French language, has a new leader, French-Lebanese author Amin Maalouf to lead the "Immortals"

2808, 2023

Understanding France: Ségolène Royal – Nicolas Sarkozy + Niger has ejected French diplomats

By |Aug 28, 2023|Understanding France, News & beyond..., Reportage + Société, Columns|0 Comments

Hi everyone, welcome to this new regular column: 'Understanding France' - a weekly snapshot of the big stories in France. This Week's Dispatch: Ségolène Royal - Nicolas Sarkozy + Niger ejected French diplomats

2508, 2023

Meet Manou: my ‘grand-mère Française and rescuer of the persecuted

By |Aug 25, 2023|Society, Reportage + Société|0 Comments

Meet Manou: my 'grand-mère Française and rescuer of the persecuted. Can you imagine meeting someone who hid & fed Jews as well as other refugees during the Nazi Occupation of France?

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