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Kirsten (KT) Trengove -1 post

I had a blood transfusion from a French donor when I wasn't looking. How else to explain how all things French run through my veins? I visit France whenever I can. In between, I devour French films and TV shows, and listen to French radio in the vain hope it will miraculously make me fluent.

Mark & Kim Jespersen -7 posts

Born in San Francisco and raised in Chicago, I fled Minnesota and landed on the coast of New England (as far as I could go at the time). There I met my wife, Kim, in a used bookshop. Fifteen years ago, we set sail for France. Creating – from music to writing to photography to art — keeps us busy.

Devyani Aggarwal -1 post

I graduated from Yale University in 2018 as a History & French major and will be attending law school at UC Berkeley. I am in love with France, its language, people & culture. My passions include art, fashion, food & travel. Check out my venture Art & Style or connect with me on LinkedIn/Instagram

Simone Allen -11 posts

After spending 10 months in France at the age of 15 as an exchange student from Australia, I fell in love with all things French; the language, the food, and the lifestyle. I now live in the South of France and I am an Editorial and Communications Intern at My French Life™.

Helena Bajaj Larsen -1 post

I am a half-Indian, half-Norwegian, Paris born & bred, 19-year-old Fashion Textiles student in New York City. I have been traveling from a young age, developing a strong interest in travel writing and travel photography. This passion led me to MyFrenchLife™.

Cecile Baltenweck -2 posts

I am 25 years old French girl living in Melbourne. I love my city and love to share my inspiration and my lifestyle on my blog You Made My Day.

Melissa Barndon -5 posts

I've lived in some interesting places in my life, but I've made my home in France. The sense of history here is tangible, it's in my 250-year-old stone house with its old bread oven, it's in the hidden paths you find in ancient forests, it's in the armoires in the house of my husband's family. I write about French history and my travels in France here on my blog.

Jacinta Bayard -5 posts

I grew up with a deep curiosity about my surname, its French origins and history. I've always loved France and dreamed of living there one day. In 2022 a business opportunity allowed my family to move to the South of France. Recently I started writing about this experience.

Jennifer Bourne -22 posts

Born and raised in France, I became a New Yorker at heart when I moved to the US. Social media and online research are my specialties. Movies and TV series are my conversation starters. While I try to make the best out of my New York life, I stay in constant research of all things French. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

Jennifer Bragg -1 post

I am a former international television news journalist who’s had a lifelong passion for France. I love to write about all things French, focusing on the little cultural gems I’ve discovered while living here. You'll find me on Substack - and Instagrm -

Debbie Brezinsky -2 posts

Hi, I’m Debbie Brezinsky. I adore sharing my love of Paris with Magazine members. The only place on earth besides Chicago & St. Louis (home) that captures my wholehearted attention. I never feel I’ve had enough of the beautiful City of Light!

Lauren Brooks -5 posts

I am a fundraising professional and Saint Louis, MO, resident with a love for all things French, literary, or lagomorphic. Though my introduction to French was through ballet, I later fell in love with French fiction. You can find additional book reviews from me on my blog at  

Susan Broomhall -13 posts

I am a historian of France, researching life in France from the middle ages to the Belle Epoque. You can find out more about my academic work here.

Jacqui Brown -11 posts

I have lived in a small and quirky French village since 2004 and am passionate about France and sharing my French village life, recipes inspired from my potager, French-themed book reviews, and author interviews. You'll find my blog here.

Ellen Burns -1 post

An English and Painting graduate born in Ballarat, Australia, I am currently based in Melbourne completing a MyFrenchLife Editorial Internship. My great passions in life are food and travel. I've visited Paris twice and can't wait to see more of France. Check out my personal blog or find me on Google+

Karen Bussen -3 posts

Love led me from New York to Paris, where I live and write about food, wine, my French language journey and exploring l’hexagone with my husband. WSET level 3 in Wines & Spirits. DALF C1 diplôme en langue française. For more, find me on Substack:

Debra Campbell -4 posts

I'm Debra, a writer, and psychologist from Melbourne Australia. My personal passions include the French language, travel, cinema, literature & culture. I study French: online with native speakers & a regular conversation group. I'm looking forward to visiting France soon & perhaps living there.

Kristie-Lee Clifford -8 posts

I am a writer and recent journalism graduate from RMIT. After spending a year on student exchange in France I fell in love with French language, culture and cuisine. Find me on Google+ or check out my work.

Sarah Cockell -2 posts

Born in the UK & moved to Australia in 1989. I lived in Melbourne for 25 years. I retired in 2010 having run my recruitment business for 10 years. In 2015, I moved to Paris, France. I love everything about Paris: architecture, art museums, restaurants & bars. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else!

Amanda Collins -9 posts

I'm a writer of songs, poetry and film reviews, and “une vraie franco-folle”. I live with my family in Melbourne, Australia and enjoy travel, good wine and foreign supermarkets. My ambitions are to still be roller skating when I'm eighty! When not writing for, I can be found on TwitterFacebook and on my own Blog.