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It was a simple thought that began it all: are others as fascinated by France as I am?

Fortunately for us, naturally curious people don’t simply leave these thoughts alone. And if there’s one thing Judy MacMahon (Fondatrice of My French Life™) has learned, it’s that where there’s one curious person, others with inevitably follow.

The result is our online magazine and global community of Francophiles, French natives, and expats. We’ve found that there are so many passionate Francophiles who yearn to have a deeper understanding of the intricacies and paradoxes of France and the French lifestyle.

With the dream of one day being locals, we’re seeking out the insider tips that will take us from tourists to savvy travellers. And when we’re not in France, we want to live and dream in French.

Most of all, we want to challenge our thinking about France, and what it means to be French.

What about our values?

What we believe in and how we interact with others is important.

We value quality, respect, authenticity, honesty and generosity. At our heart, we are curious, generous and passionate about everything we do.

As a result, we enjoy a culture that fosters learning, leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship.

What do we offer?

Our members immerse themselves in our online magazine and newsletter – ‘Le Bulletin’.

Translating an online experience and community into strong, real-life connections is very important to us, so we invite members to our special events all around the world – in Melbourne and Paris, with London, Chicago and NYC coming soon.

Our team members

Our fabulous team of over 60 writers based all around the world explore France from every angle, and love nothing better than good healthy debate!

We also love our teams of editors, translators, and interns who make My French Life™ one of the best places to work every day.

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