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703, 2024

ANNOUNCEMENT: Are you interested in reading the next MyFrenchLife™ French Book Club pick?

By |Mar 7, 2024|Arts + Culture, Literature & Theatre|0 Comments

'The Postcard' by Anne Berest is our new Spring read. It's been recently translated by Tina Kover and was first published under the French title 'La Carte Postale' in 2021.

403, 2024

Film Review: The President’s Wife – Alliance Française French Film Festival – AFFFF2024

By |Mar 4, 2024|Arts + Culture, Film & Music, My French Life™|0 Comments

How Madame Chirac’s plan to upstage her husband unfolds is smart, funny, and surprising. This is a film that sneaks up on you – much better than advertised!

1602, 2024

Interview: Sandra Gulland, Author – The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B.

By |Feb 16, 2024|Arts + Culture, Literature & Theatre|4 Comments

Sandra Gulland: Inspired by conversations with our French Book Club members I decided to contact author Sandra Gulland about an interview.

502, 2024

2024 MyFrenchLife™ Book Club reading list of recently-translated French novel

By |Feb 5, 2024|Arts + Culture, Literature & Theatre|0 Comments

As we celebrate our sixth year at MyFrenchLife™ Book Club, Judy and I have decided to resume a previous habit of sharing a list of books we could be reading in the coming months, before Summertime 2024.

2909, 2023

An Exploration of Creativity – Henrie Richer asks: “What Makes an Artist?” 

By |Sep 29, 2023|Arts + Culture, Art & Photography|0 Comments

What makes an artist? All humans are creative. It's a survival skill. We're all capable of making or imagining something new. It is how our species adapts.

2508, 2023

#Bookchat August Event Summary: ‘My Cousin Maria Schneider’ by Vanessa Schneider – 2023

By |Aug 25, 2023|Arts + Culture, Literature & Theatre|0 Comments

#Bookchat - 'My Cousin Maria Schneider' by Vanessa Schneider - In August 2023 #Bookchat discussion events were held online across five time zones with Discussion Moderator - Elisabeth Sauvage-Callaghan and Coordinator - My French Life Magazine Fondatrice, Judy MacMahon.

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