We asked Mariannig Ferrari of Nomador what it was like to work with MyFrenchLife™ as a partner

How did you find us?

‘De bouche-à-oreille’ as we say in France, which means from word to mouth. Although I’d rather say ‘from mail to mail’, because the friend who told me about MyFrenchLife™ two years ago was living in New Mexico. Her advice was friendly, type of “do you know that community of France lovers”, and two years ago, I was far from imagining that we would work together.

What were you hoping to achieve, and what problems were you looking to solve?

I had had MyFrenchLife™ in my favourites, and had a glimpse to it from time to time. So when we decided to launch our house-sitting activity on a worldwide basis and worked on a communication plan, trying to reach a community of Francophiles appeared to be an obvious way of getting known.

The quality of articles made me feel positive about the potential quality of their own community. As we say in France ‘les chiens ne font pas des chats’ (or: family members look alike). We wanted to improve our chances by starting with a qualitative community.

Describe what it was like to work with our team.

Like clockwork since the beginning. I was in Paris, they were in Melbourne and although we got to know by mail and Skype, trust was rapidly built. This is certainly due to a very professional approach, everything being foreseen, supervised, bespoke.

My overall feeling: MyFrenchLife™ has strong community values. They would not have that commitment if they were not convinced that what they do is serving their own community interests, which means bringing relevant information to their members. I suppose that you will not manage to have them share a story if they are not convinced of its utility!

What was the most pleasant, memorable or surprising aspect of your experience?

The very smooth relationship is such a pleasure. Judy has a very passionate personality, which means a great personal commitment. Every question receives a quick answer from Judy or her team. That is priceless.

How would you recommend this experience to other brands? Why should a company become a partner with us?

Working with MyFrenchLife™ goes far beyond a classical client-supplier relationship; you feel that they are totally involved and concerned about what happens to their partners.

What could we improve upon?

Well… I cannot see so far… Apart from giving me a chance to meet Judy in the flesh one day!

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