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1. I’m interested in writing for My French Life™. How does it work?

Well that sounds great! We’re always looking for regular contributors, and we’d love to have a chat.

We don’t mind where in the world you are based, so long as you share a love for all things French and are committed  to creating quality challenging engaging content to help our members discover France beyond the cliché.

First, please visit out Contributor submissions page for more on what kind of content we’re after, and how to pitch your ideas to our editorial team.

2. Do you accept guest posts?

The simple answer here is nonpas vraiment. While we’re willing to make exceptions, we do prefer to take on regular contributors.

It’s not because we’re greedy, but rather because we’ve developed an excellente training program for all our new writers! We love to share our expertise on how to write for the web, and craft stories that people will find and share. This takes time, bien sûr, so we prefer not to take once-off contributions. Please check our Contributor submissions page for more details.

3. Where do I find out about job vacancies with My French Life™?

We list all current openings – for internships and careers – on our ‘Work with us‘ page. First, you might like to read about what it’s like to a be a team member with us (we think it’s pretty fun here, but then again, we’re biased).

4. Do you offer internships?

Mais oui ! We love to hear from enthusiastic interns looking for all kinds of opportunities. Whilst most internships with the magazine are editorial, we do tailor each to the individual. So we’d be keen to chat about your interests and passions to see if we can find a position that suits.

First, we suggest discover more about what it’s like to a be a team member with us and then visit our ‘Work with us‘ page for current vacancies.

Please check the position descriptions for an idea of the role requirements – things like experience, location and French or English language abilities.

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