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France: the best online resources, websites & experts

1. France.fr – the official website of France

One thing the French government seems to excel at is creating nice, helpful websites for visitors explaining the finer aspects of their culture, and the best ways to discover France. This is surprising, seeing nearly everything else they do is veiled bureaucratic confusion. We’d definitely recommend their official website.

2. France on the Guardian

The Guardian travel section always has its finger on pulse: from the latest news to the best discovery guides. Their section on France is no exception – definitely bookmark this on to stay up-to-date and informed.

3. France24

France24 is our go-to current affairs source for France – the English version of their site allows us to get information fast, but we also enjoy reading in French to test our French vocabulary.

4. France Travel on About.com – Mary Anne Evans

A comprehensive guide on all things French travel, the France Travel section on About.com has to the minute guides to getting around, where to stay and how to navigate French culture.

5. Chez Loulou – Jennifer Greco

Providing lovely vignettes of French life in the capital and beyond, Jennifer’s blog is a delightful dose of French escapism.

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