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Best French language links - websites, blogs, experts

1. LawlessFrench – Laura K Lawless

Laura K Lawless is the ultimate sage when it comes to all things French. From complicated grammar to idiomatic expressions and new language trends, she has you covered. Be sure to like her Facebook page for daily updates and we’d highly recommend her newsletter.

2. Comme une Française – Géraldine Lepère

Géraldine makes learning French so approachable and enjoyable it leaves you wondering why on earth you ever complained about French class. Be sure to sign-up for her newsletter for a weekly video that will both teach you something and make you chuckle. She also shares some great tips on Facebook!

3. Talk in French – Frederic Bibard

When we hear claims like “learn the language twice as fast as other methods”, we’re sceptical. Talk in French is one of the few exceptions we’ll allow. Founder Frederic Bibard explains: “We believe that most of the websites that want to teach you French do a good job at giving the information. But this is not enough. It is it not only about content. It is about the method.”

4. French Today on Facebook – Camille Chevalier Karfis

An extension of Camille’s online tutoring business, her Facebook page is full of regular bite-sized tips and tricks. We find it’s a simply and digestible way to add French learning to our day.

5. BBC languages

With articles on language learning, grammar and vocab, BBC languages is like the ultimate online French textbook. The best part is that they combine practical information with quizzes, videos and downloadable content so you can test yourself and find a learning style that suits you best.

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