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1. Our beginnings and the ongoing story.

2. Our team – they’d love to work with you.

3. Our audience – why you’ll want to meet them.

4. Our expertise – benefits for brands.

Our beginnings and the ongoing story

It began with a simple thought.

“Are others as fascinated by France as me?”

Fortunately for us, naturally curious people don’t simply leave these thoughts alone. And if there’s one thing Judy MacMahon (Fondatrice of MyFrenchLife) has learnt, it’s that where there’s one curious person, others with inevitably follow.

Read more about us, and discover Judy’s story of how came to be.

Our magazine and global community

The result is our online magazine and global community of Francophiles and French natives and expats. We’ve found that there are so many passionate Francophiles who yearn to visit often, and also to have a deeper understanding of the intricacies and paradoxes of France and the French lifestyle.

Member-only events

Translating an online experience and community into strong, real-life connections is very important to us, so we invite members to our special events all around the world – in Melbourne and Paris, with London, Chicago and NYC coming soon.

Our team – they’d love to work with you

Our amazing team members are based all around the globe – from Paris, Melbourne, London and Lyon to Glasgow, Chicago, New York, Sydney and beyond.

35+ dedicated writers contribute to our publication, assisted by a passionate team of editors and interns.

We’re really proud of the culture we’ve built

We’re all about learning and sharing knowledge, so we ensure that each one of our team members gets the most out of their time with us. We put our heart and soul into teaching important skills and helping interns build meaningful careers that they love.

We believe the best kind of work doesn’t feel like work at all

Click here to meet our team, or discover more about working for the magazine. team

Our audience – why you’ll want to meet them members are… members

Our expertise – benefits for brands

Brands have a story to tell too.

We help our partners, advertisers and sponsors share their story with our passionate Francophile and French community.

As a publisher, we produce high quality, targeted and independent content to inspire and engage readers. We also keep in touch with our community through our active and ever-growing social media communities and our member newsletter, ‘Le Bulletin’.

We appreciate those who can help us achieve our dream: people and brands.

All campaigns are bespoke, and can be global or local. Do you have a story to tell that you think we’ll love? We can’t wait to introduce you to our community.

Read more about partnership, advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Our expertise. Our audience. Your story.

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