Before you start planning, pitching or submitting articles to, it’s important that you meet our community. Who are they? members are…

Our mission is to help these readers to…

  • Understand and connect with France beyond the cliché
  • Design their French life when in France or wherever they live
  • Be a savvy traveller, rather than a tourist

Our readers crave content that is aspirational, deep, engaging, intelligent, friendly and creative. And don’t forget a sense of humour!

Writers help members by passing on secrets, tips, advice and insight. They speak to readers on their level, to help them build on their already extensive knowledge of France and the French culture.

Our magazine is made up of many unique voices, rather than having one set editorial line. Your individuality is what makes MyFrenchLife™ special!

Still not too sure what a reader looks like?

Alors, meet Cate.

Cate is 45, works as a Director of Marketing, and has two grown-up children.

She travels to France – well, never enough, but at least once every two years, always staying in an apartment in Paris for a few weeks and then exploring other regional areas in France. She often travels alone for complete immersion and to spend time finding out more about herself… and just being her best self!

Cate is completely allergic to clichés and has been known to cringe and foam at the mouth if superficial articles and touristy suggestions are sent her way – she refers to herself as an experiential traveller NOT a tourist! She is proud of her intellect, sophistication and knowledge of France, the French and the French language, and yearns to know more and more – her appetite is seemingly insatiable.

While she’s happy to be savvy and save money, she also doesn’t mind a splurge or two.

Good value is great – cheap isn’t really her.

It could be a three-star restaurant with a famous chef for lunch at prix fixe, lunch with friends at a new neo-bistro with that cute Australian chef or finding that vintage classic luxury handbag in one of those amazing little-known depot-ventes in the 1st, 6th or even the 16th and more and more she’s loving the 18th, 20th and the 14th!

She also yearns to know more about off the beaten path quality experiences throughout France.

When Cate’s not in France, she wants to keep up her language skills – although she speaks French very well, like all of us her French language skills get rusty. She enjoys watching new French films, and tackling a book in French every so often, even though that usually takes some time! She’s a busy woman, and only reads articles on the web if she feels they’ll offer something new, useful or intriguing. She’s looking for depth, she wants to learn and to connect with the writer and If they’re particularly valuable, she may even send articles to friends.

So, would Cate want to read your article?

If the answer is yes, then you’re well on track! And remember: don’t insult her with clichés or superficiality and don’t forget her sense of humour!

Acknowledge that Cate is already savvy, has a huge amount of knowledge on the topic of France and don’t try to send her to places which are beneath her – she may just «Pffff», shrug and unsubscribe!

How will you feel then? We know how we’d feel.

Before writing your article, ask yourself these questions…

1. Does my article appeal to the target audience? 

That is, would a curious, mature, educated, independent, professional woman value this content – so much that she can’t wait to share it with her friends, excitedly talk about it and save it for her next trip?

2. Who have I actually written for?  

Have I written for too young an audience – perhaps even the children of our audience? Have I written for a tourist rather than a savvy traveller? Are you sure?

3. Is it sufficiently deep? Have you shared information they wouldn’t already know? 

Our readers are savvy – they know all the clichés, and are smart enough to recognise – at twenty paces – content that dwells on the surface and doesn’t dig deep enough. They call it ‘fluff’ at best, but more often: rubbish! So, there’s no point dwelling on basics. It’s not just the topic that determines the suitability of content, but the approachfocus, insight, depth. Excite and challenge, don’t insult.

4. Your tone is also important: are you ’sharing’ or ‘telling’?

This will help you to achieve the depth required in point three, but also an approachable voice and personality. No one likes to be talked down to, and they don’t like it when someone incorrectly assumes they’re ignorant or not savvy on a particular subject. Show them you value their intelligence and curiosity to always be discovering and understanding more about France.

5. Does my article add value to the community?

If you would be excited to discover it as a reader, and if you think our target audience would too, chances are it’s a good idea. Are you sure? Look at it again: does it really tick all the boxes?

Would Cate be more likely to share your article over any other on our magazine? If so, then pitch it!