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Video Profile: Jason Stoneking

In this video profile produced by Leslie McAllister, we meet Jason Stoneking an American author and poet who has lived in France for 15 years.  Jason shares the story of how he came to Paris and shows us where he loves to write.

During his time in Paris, Jason has published two volumes of poetry, recorded an album and made two short films. His new collection of essays, Audience of One has just been released in Paris, and he is already working on a follow up.

For more information or to buy Jason’s book visit his website.

Watch out for Jason Stoneking’s full interview – coming soon on Ma Vie Française!

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  1. Judy MacMahon
    10 years ago

    Thanks Leslie & Jason for this great introduction to Jason and his new book. We look forward to the in depth interview in 1 weeks time.

  2. Laura Griffin
    10 years ago

    I’m dreaming of sitting on the grass under dappled sunlight in a park with a notebook and pen…but it’s a bit wet here in Melbourne.