Paris metro stations: beauty, design, quirky, phantom & other extraordinary images

Oh, how I adore (some of) the metro stations in Paris. How can such utilitarian functional places be so beautiful? Which are your favourites? And… don’t miss the Fantômes & the crazy quirky Metro people.

In this article, I share some of the most beautiful and the most quirky things I enjoy about the Metro stations in Paris. Catching glimpses of the quirky things some people do in the Metro is at once amusing, strange, and mind-boggling.

Here you’ll discover:

  • The four most beautiful stations, according to me.
  • Meet the Designer of the Fanciful Paris Métro Entrances – Did you know his name before?
  • Fantôme/Ghost Metro stations in Paris
  • Glimpses of quirky life in the Paris Metro

The Metro is an icon of Paris. Some love it, some hate it… But everyone agrees that it is extraordinary in so many ways… so let’s explore.

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