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The final chapter

The final chapter of my own autobiographical novel was played out under Marseille’s autumn sky. The sun slowly setting on nearly three years of overwhelming joy and happiness in France.

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L’Auberge Espagnole

Sharing with other nationalities really opens the mind and absorbs you into a world of languages, cuisines, habits, religions and opinions.

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Old fashioned manners

A friendly demeanour, warm smile, arms outstretched and the “how can I help you sir” welcome that we’ve become so familiar with seems to have accompanied us, seamlessly, from country to country, yet amazingly, seems to have missed large pockets of the French nation.

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Jason Stoneking: An Audience of One

Jason Stoneking is an American author and poet who has been in France off and on for 15 years. During that time, he has published two volumes of poetry, recorded an album, and made two short films. His new collection of essays, Audience of One has just been released in Paris.

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The other side of Paris

The marvellous adventure of Amélie Poulain, Montmartre, sunset by Notre Dame, picnics along la Seine and Parisien café culture. The view of Paris from afar might suggest a city void of disturbances and inconveniences. Unfortunately the truth is slightly removed!

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The life of an English teacher in Paris

The life of a Prof d’anglais isn’t always as idyllic as one would hope though. I often find myself in the metro struggling through a congested corridor, dashing for the RER then squeezing onboard, starring eyeball to eyeball with men in suits talking loudly and obnoxiously on their portables…

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Le Vide Grenier

To celebrate the arrival of spring rue des Pyrénées welcomed locals and tourists alike to rummage through its things in search of treasure and old relics.

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Which arrondissement would you choose?

I now use ‘tu’ with my local Boulanger… even in my local Kebab shop I get a warm welcome with a little broken English! I very rarely hear English spoken in the streets … it’s generally all French which is great, I can listen and absorb and améliorer…