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How to be entertained in a French ski resort

The French ski resort of La Clusaz hosts a special competition at the end of the ski season. In French, it’s called the Défi Foly, which translates to the ‘madness challenge’. Contestants do have to be a bit crazy to participate, as the competition involves trying to ski across a freezing cold lake.

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Sam & Dave Pentin: French chalet owners – Part 2

Dave smiles as the guests approach our table with their jackets zipped up and their gloves on. He and Sam listen to their stories of the morning’s tough red runs and a silly tumble in poor visibility … “The best thing about our job is meeting loads of really nice people,” Sam says.

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Sam & Dave Pentin: French chalet owners – Part 1

Years ago, whenever we were at the airport to fly back to the UK after a skiing holiday, we were miserable leaving the mountains behind. It just didn’t feel right,” Dave explains. “It was this feeling more than anything else that led us to say, ‘let’s turn this around: let’s try to live in a place that feels more natural’.

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A Venetian carnival in Annecy

So how has a carnival from Venice become associated with a French town at the foot of the Alps? Annecy has a waterfront and a network of canals that has prompted visitors to liken it to Venice. It lacks the gondolas and smelly water … but the old town is arguably as picturesque as Venice, … perfect for a carnival promenade.

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Raclette: The other fondue

The mention of melted cheese probably conjures up images of fondue pots and ‘70s dinner parties for many. However, fondue is just one of many melted cheese dishes in France.

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Healthy food in France

So how hass a new Asiatic restaurant thrived in La Clusaz and why has a small Haute Savoyarde bakery chain started offering three different types of gluten-free bread? It seems that the new generation of locals are also speaking with their wallets.

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Squeaky snow washes away dirty Paris

Stepping onto French snow in my ski boots for the first time, I heard the snow squeak. Coming from Australia, my skis had only experienced icy slopes or soggy snow hiding rocks underneath. Powdery, dry snow that squeaked was a new sensation, and I fell in love with the rugged beauty of the French Alps and the amazing postcard-blue sky that was such a rare event in the Snowy Mountain range of home.