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1. Garancedore.fr – Garance Doré

What can we say, Garance might be one of our favourite French bloggers ever. She’s like your enviously, effortlessly stylish best friend who is so approachable and genuine you could never hate her. She takes beautiful photos, captures her adventures in great little videos and interviews some really fascinating fashionistas.

2. Trésor Parisien – Aisling Grealey

We have this one recurring dream: we wake up, we’re living in Paris; our life is cultured, our tastes are refined and our wardrobe stylish. If Trésor Parisien is an accurate representation of Aisling Grealey’s life, then she is living our dreams. She also has a knack for teasing the most fascinating stories from Paris and its people. We could spend hours on here.

3. Making Magique – Haleigh Walsworth

Haleigh’s blog is a gentle explosion of beauty. Honestly, it’s a bit overwhelming – there’s so much to discover that you don’t know where to start. As an American writer, photographer and filmmaker who has been living in Paris for long enough to know all the best secrets of the city. She also has style to boot and an eye for the whimsical.

4. Gary Pepper Girl – Nicole Warne

Nicole Warne is the epitome of classic, refined style. Originally Australian, she now splits her time between her home country, her new home in Italy and her adopted homes of Paris and New York. She’s in Paris quite regularly, and has close ties with French labels like Louis Vuitton and other France-based creatives. If you’d like a peek at the charmed life, this is it.

5. Hello It’s Valentine – Valentine

Valentine has a delightfully fresh take on fashion. While it might not be what we stereotypically associate with ‘French chic’ she has her own brand of style, which we really admire.

6. Paris in Four Months – Carin Ollsson

It’s hard to find one word to encapsulate the wonder of Carin’s photos, but if we had to choose, we’d pick mesmerising. From New York in the snow to park benches in Paris, she has a knack for capturing not only an image, but an atmosphere. This is our top pick for inspiration and escapism.

7. Messy Nessy Chic – Vanessa

Vanessa is onto something here: this blog fills a delightful niche that few dare to tackle. With the knack for discovering the quirkier side of the world, we can’t describe the scale of whimsy and wonder that can be found on her blog. Take a look if you like to be fascinated and amazed every day.

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