Demystifying French dining etiquette – Part Four: After the meal


Table manners are very important to French people and can be tricky for overseas visitors. If you are planning on visiting France any time soon, you can’t go past our guide to French dining etiquette. 

Last time, we explored what happens during the meal: complimenting your host, how much to serve, how much to drink (not too much!) and how to cut cheese.

This week, we take a look at what happens after the meal. From cleaning up to returning the invite, Cyndie – better known as Mademoiselle Slimalicious – has covered it all. So don’t be intimidated by the French dinner party – learn these ground rules to be the best guest ever, and ensure a repeat invitation.

À la prochaine !

1. Lend a hand


Your French host will appreciate it if you offer to help with the cleaning. If you are lucky, they’ll decline your offer!

2. Thank your host

Tell your French host that you had a great time and thank him or her again for having you over.

3. Return the invitation


If you live in France, you would be expected to return the invitation within the next couple of months. It is extremely rude not to do so. Be aware that you most likely won’t be invited again until you return the invitation.

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