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Ultimate online guide to using Trello – Create and use a card

How to create and use a card in Trello

In our system, we create a card for each article.

There are two ways to create a card:

1. At the bottom of a list, click on ‘Add a card…’

2. On the top right hand corner of a list, click on the arrow, then on ‘Add card…’

This is what a card for an article looks like:

Ultimate online guide to Trello - 09.04.014 -
*[UPDATE 2016]
– Please insert the THEME left of Title eg: [THEME – NAME – TITLE OF ARTICLE]

1.   Title

*Author Name – Title of article

2.   Description

In the description, you’ll find the submission date, the expected publication date, the sub-category, and the keyword(s).

3.   Members

If you want to draw a particular member’s attention to one article, click on members and add the person.

4.   Labels

There are two labels to be attached:
a) The first label corresponds to the main categories we have on the website:

–      Green: Escapades
–      Yellow: Gastronomie
–      Orange: Reportage & Société
–      Red: Vie Française
–      Purple: Arts & Culture
–      Blue: Mode & Beauté

b) The second label corresponds with the type of author: Contributor (internal & external) or Collaborator

5.   Due Date

If you expect an article to be completed by a specific date, add a due date. You’ll mainly use this function when allocating work to team members.

6.   Attachment

Attachments can be added to the card – submitted article, sub-edited, reviewed.

7.   Activity

In the activity part, you can keep track of every action happening to the card. You can also add comments. There is also a function to mention a specific person in the comment: type ‘@’ then the username of that person. They will be notified.

8.   Move

To move a card to one list to the other, click on ‘Move’, and select the target board and list.

9.   Copy

You can also copy a card to another board/list.

10.  Subscribe

If you’d like to know what’s happening to a specific article, you can subscribe to the article and get notified when an action occurs to that article.

11.  Archive

If a card is not useful anymore, you can archive it.


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