Bordeaux INSIDER a real EXPERT: Quiz – question and answer review

As a Bordeaux EXPERT we thought that you might like to review your Prowess, so here are the 12 questions and answers as well as links to the articles from which the questions were sourced.

This is a perfect place to immerse yourself in Bordeaux and work towards becoming a Bordeaux INSIDER – a real EXPERT while at the same time, you’ll feed that yearning feeling to be in France right now.

Question to us: WHAT ABOUT DOWNLOADING A BOOKLET with the Qs&As and links to articles and BINGEon Bordeaux… and MORE…

1. What is the name of the famous bridge in Bordeaux used by pedestrians and cyclists?
a. Pont Valentré
b. Pont Jacques-Chaban-Delmas
c. Pont de Pierre – read more—Biking spurs urban Greening in Bordeaux

2. A ‘green wave’ swept France with the 2020 municipal elections. Who is Bordeaux’s new Green party mayor?
a. Pierre Hurmic – read more — Bordeaux Greening
b. Anne Hidalgo
c. Grégory Doucet

3. Which mayor of Bordeaux is credited with transforming the city in the 90s and early 2000s?
a. Jacques Chaban-Delmas
b. Alain Juppé – read more —Bordeaux: How far is too far?
c. Jean-Fernand Audeguil

4. What is a common nickname of Bordeaux?
a. La Belle Endormie – read more —Bordeaux
b. La Ville des Trois Clochers
c. La Ville Rouge

5. What animal statues can we find in Place de la Victoire?
a. Elephants
b. Turtles – read more —Bordeaux secret and must know places
c. Swans

6. What was the Roman name of Bordeaux?
a. Burdigala – read more —Bordeaux must know places
b. Brigantium
c. Burgodunum

7. During the Revolution, where was Bordeaux’s guillotine located?
a. Places des Quinconces
b. Place de la Bourse
c. Place Gambetta – read more —Bordeaux must know

8. When was the popular Cite du Vin constructed?
a. 2006
b. 2010
c. 2016 – read more —Bordeaux must know

9. In which unusual setting can one view a digital light show in Bordeaux?
a. a stone quarry
b. a WWII submarine base – read more —Bordeaux must know more
c. an abandoned factory

10. Sauternes is part of which Bordeaux wine subregion?
a. Graves – read more —Bordeaux
b. Médoc
c. Entre-deux-mers

11. Which major Bordeaux appellation can claim the widest drinkability?
a. Margaux
b. Sauternes – read more —Bordeaux must know
c. Saint-Émilion

12. Which of the following is a classic pairing with Sauternes wine?
a. Boeuf Bourginon
b. Fromage du chevre
c. Foie gras – read more —Bordeaux must know Sauternes

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Congratulations Bordeaux INSIDER – a real Bordeaux EXPERT – we’d appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us. Please share the names of your favourite blogs or sites and experience in and around Bordeaux. Merci d’avance.

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