A story of wine and wanderlust: the ultimate Burgundy guide – chapter 10

MyFrenchLife™ - MyFrenchLife.org – The luckiest people alive – wine and wanderlust – the Ultimate Burgundy GuideIn a matter of years, Burgundy had well and truly become a home away from home. By now, we were seasoned visitors, and we just couldn’t help ourselves from sharing the wonderful sights and tastes with friends and family around us.

Gerry’s tips… from personal experience – Burgundy

MyFrenchLife™ - MyFrenchLife.org – The luckiest people alive – wine and wanderlust – the Ultimate Burgundy Guide

Friends and family in Burgundy

In June 2017, Craig was on his sixth consecutive annual trip to Burgundy, staying at the Meursault B&B with his wife Heidi. Chris, Jill, and I arrived just as Heidi had to return home for work, but we quickly settled in.

On our first day, I rode to the pâtisserie in Meursault for croissants, pains au chocolat, apple turnovers, and baguettes. We formed breakfast on the deck with tea and coffee, fruit and yogurt, and a stunning view of the vineyards.

Craig and I took a 2-hour bike ride to Nolay and stopped in Puligny-Montrachet for a coffee. Chris and Jill were first-timers in Burgundy, so we were determined to give them the full experience. And let’s just say that we didn’t disappoint!

Summer in Burgundy: the full experience

After breakfast, we drove to the Canal de Bourgogne on the river Ouche where we watched the touring barges navigate the locks. We then visited the nearby Hotel Abbaye de la Bussière in La Bussière-sur-Ouche.

MyFrenchLife™ - MyFrenchLife.org – The luckiest people alive – wine and wanderlust – the Ultimate Burgundy Guide

The building was a 12th-century abbey, which was surrounded by sumptuous gardens, a lake, and a mill stream. Many beautiful 12th century features still remain today, such as the stone barn and a dovecote.

We drove from the hills down into the valley and through the vineyards to Nuits-Saint-Georges, where we introduced the newbies to a French baguette and a Kronenbourg 1664 beer. Heading home, we dropped into Château Corton-André for a tasting and to admire the small elegant château.

We purchased some fine Premier Cru Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, then headed for the Beaune market.

MyFrenchLife™ - MyFrenchLife.org – The luckiest people alive – wine and wanderlust – the Ultimate Burgundy Guide

Craig bought some huge duck breasts and I stocked up on cheese: Comté, Chèvre, and a nice runny Délice de Bourgogne. Chris and Jill took care of the salad items and strawberries, and we had the makings of a great dinner.

The luckiest people alive

Back at home at the Meursault B&B, we swam and relaxed briefly before a late afternoon walk to Saint Christophe. The walk took us 3 kilometres uphill through the vines to a tabernacle. There, we admired the statue of St. Christopher situated on the ancient pilgrimage route to Cluny Abbey. We lingered a while enjoying the magnificent view of Meursault and the valley beyond.

In the evening, we sat on the deck sipping white Burgundy and eating baguette topped with paté and cornichons, while the duck breasts sizzled on the charcoal.

Conversation was sparse and our attention was focused on the changes in evening light over the vineyards. Everyone expressed an opinion; but the consensus was that it was a beautiful sight and we were some of the luckiest people on the planet!


What’s your best experience of holidaying in France with family and friends? We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments in the box below.

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2. Canal de Bourgogne, by Christophe Finot via Wikipedia
3. Marché de Beaune via Beaune Tourisme

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