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Gastronomie |

The squeamish eater à Paris

I like very well done steak. I’m sure you know that is frowned upon and you may as well write ‘STOOPID TOURIST’ across your forehead… The waiter will give you an argument about how tough the steak will be, so I learnt the French for “I prefer it tough – the tougher the better”!

Mode + Beauté |

Window Shopping Parisian Style

Normally I’m not too keen on window shopping. If I’m not actually buying, then I can’t get excited about the goods – it makes me irritable (to put it politely). But the same rule doesn’t apply in Paris where window shopping is a national pastime.

Vie Française |

Please Don’t Touch The Degas

I’m the first to admit I’m guilty. The first period of construction of Notre Dame was from 1163 into the 1240s. Sorry, but this is too old for me to take in. I touch it. I run my hands over the wall as if I’m going to learn something from the feel of the stone.

Escapades |

The Heart Rules the Head

I have a theory that all Paris lovers always have the city on their minds. Maybe not consciously, but the city is always there lurking in the background. We can’t help ourselves because the images are so embedded in our brains that there’s no escape (not that we want to).