11 07, 2024

Notre Dame: Artists & Artisans Tell their Stories through their Materials — Materially Speaking

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Rebuilding of Notre Dame: The eyes of the world are watching, but Materially Speaking has a story for our ears - the story of its sound.

19 04, 2024

France: What’s a Runaway Wife? How I decided to leave home, family and friends to end my life in France

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Runaway Wife: After 40 years of making my living by writing and editing, I decided if this place I now call home is a good enough subject for the writers in Paris before me, I should give it a try.

18 04, 2024

Paris is Always Worth it – wherein a young writer begins to question just exactly what he’s doing in Paris – Part 2/3

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Paris is always worth it but I was unmoored in Paris teaching English to bankers and insurance clerks.

17 04, 2024

Paris Is Always Worth It – Or, how a novelist might build a life in the City of Light – Part 1/3

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Paris Is Always Worth It - Or, how a novelist might build a life in the City of Light is Part 1 of a (Brief) Parisian Autobiography by Samuél Lopez Barrantes

16 02, 2024

Interview: Sandra Gulland, Author – The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B.

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Sandra Gulland: Inspired by conversations with our French Book Club members I decided to contact author Sandra Gulland about an interview.

1 02, 2024

Great Women of France: 18th and 19th centuries – Part 2

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The 'salons' of 17th and 18th century France are sometimes called “the cradle of the French Revolution.” Salons were discussions among a group of carefully selected nobles and intellectuals, typically organized by women called salonnières.

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