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As a staff features reporter for Gannett newspapers for many years I won the Temple University Free Speech Award and later worked in France for the DuPont Company. I'm a proud member of the Oyster of the Month Club and the National Geographic Society.
23 05, 2024

Finding hidden places in the most visited city on Earth: Or, how I learned to avoid tourist traps and love Paris again

By |2024-05-24T15:22:34+10:00May 23, 2024|0 Comments

Chateau Vincennes: An advantage to living in Paris is that you often stumble across less ballyhooed museums, monuments, buildings, and gardens that aren't ringed by souvenir shops full of berets and Eiffel Tower key chains.

19 04, 2024

France: What’s a Runaway Wife? How I decided to leave home, family and friends to end my life in France

By |2024-04-23T07:41:46+10:00Apr 19, 2024|1 Comment

Runaway Wife: After 40 years of making my living by writing and editing, I decided if this place I now call home is a good enough subject for the writers in Paris before me, I should give it a try.

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