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Slavica Monczska - 06/07/13 -

Just imagine that you’re in Paris with your boyfriend, who wanted to surprise you by chartering a private jet to whisk you off to Monaco for the day. While enjoying the alluring city of Monte Carlo and gazing onto the coastline, he stands in front of you, takes your hands gently, stares into your eyes, goes down on one knee and asks, “Will you marry me?”

Back in France, another fairytale is about to come true in the most picturesque chateaux one could ever imagine. A bride walks down the aisle and looks at the faces of her closest friends and family and soon-to-be husband.

Rendez-Vous in Paris, a wedding and event-planning company made these fairytales real.

Slavica Monczska - 05/07/13 -

Heather Jerue, owner and founder of Rendez-Vous in Paris, grew up in America and while at university, she jetted off to France, where she has stayed ever since. She first traveled to the south of France, then to the Alps and then fell into the arms of a Frenchmen, together starting their life together in Paris.

Heather said, “Even after more than five years as an étrangère living in this beautiful country, my daily enchantment continues to make me smile. I see beauty all around me every day, and I can’t imagine a better place to celebrate l’amour.”

So she took matters of l’amour into her own hands by starting her own business Rendez-Vous in Paris.

She explains that events, most notably weddings, held in foreign countries bring their own challenges, as well as charms.

“Any wedding requires preparation, but with a distinctive destination wedding in France, there are language and cultural barriers as well as time differences,” she said.

Heather has organized these life events for celebrities, but part of her service is respecting their privacy (but, let me just say that some of these grand weddings made my mouth drop).

Helen told me, “Helicopters are the mode of transport loved by the elite. We often have to plan for several to bring guests and the couple from Paris to the Château gardens.”


Slavica Monczska - 06/07/13 -

I’m still trying to collect myself from all her impressive stories, I ask where are the best venues for a wedding, best cake she recommends, and champagne. “Oh let me count the ways… Gorgeous chateaux, pristine historic townhouses, rooftop terraces over looking the city. How can one choose? Croquembouche, the pyramid of caramelized cream puffs is the most French-y wedding cake there is!”

She has spent years sourcing the best venues, cakes and champagne….“Dom, Roederer, Veuve…depends on the millésime! Though I have one secret address of a tiny private vineyard that produces a champagne that even my most discerning clients love.”

One more important question I ask Heather is about the bachelorette parties she has planned. Let’s face it, the wedding will be grand without a doubt, now give me an example of a smashing send-off!

“The day started with champagne mimosa’s, followed by a surprise ‘Drawing Atelier’ in a light-filled artist’s studio – where the girls had the opportunity to sketch a gorgeous naked male model. The group then headed to Pink Paradise, a famous (trashy?) Parisian strip club, to learn how to pole dance, and seduce their men (and get a good work-out in the process). Then the Bride was taken to the spa, were she enjoyed the talents of the Dior Institute, the sumptuous spa in the Plaza Athénée Hotel. She was made beautiful with a professional hair & makeup session, ready to go out for a night on the town! They went to the very chic Pershing Hall lounge for drinks, followed by a light dinner on a rooftop terrace, and some embarrassing karaoke in a dive-bar, and finished the night in one of the most exclusive clubs in Paris. The mix of chic & less classy gave a fun kick to this Princess’s day.” I’ll say!

The tables will be turned on Heather soon as she is now engaged to be married to that Frenchman who’s captured her heart. Where oh where shall their wedding be? If we are all dreaming to travel to France for such a memorable event, where do they dream of going for the big day?

She will call upon her experience and expertise to organize her own wedding but the details of her wedding were also kept close to her heart.

“Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination.” -Voltaire

À bientôt mes amis!


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