Les Personnages de Melbourne: Marie-Liesse Vivet

Les Personnages de Melbourne - Marie-Liesse Vivet, 28/03/2012
Marie-Liesse Vivet

Personal information

Name: Marie-Liesse VIVET
Nationality: French
Place of birth: Savigny- sur-Orge, France
Role: Proprietor

Business information

Business name: PacifiCare
Address: 35 Derham Street, 3207 Port Melbourne Vic, Australia
Telephone number: 0413 075 150
Web address: www.pacificare.com.au

About Marie-Liesse and PacifiCare

Marie-Liesse, can you describe to us your business and your speciality?
PacifiCare was created to bring Australians some of Europe’s best baby products. We import and distribute these products to first time parents through pharmacies, hospitals and specialised retailers. PacifiCare is the exclusive distributor of Red Castle brand, specialised in baby products, throughout Australia.

What is the specificity of your product?
Our best seller is the Cocoonababy. The Cocoonababy is an ergonomically shaped nest that enables the baby to make movements similar to those made inside its mother’s womb.

Les Personnages de Melbourne - Marie-Liesse Vivet, 28/03/2012

By gently cradling baby in a well-defined space (which reminds the baby of the mother’s womb), the Cocoonababy nest reassures and helps baby to adapt from the aquatic environment to the aerial life. The semi-foetal position helps him to sleep longer and better. It also helps to avoid startle reflex (when a peaceful, sleeping baby suddenly throws its arms outwards and wakes up crying).

It limits the risk of baby getting a flat head, suffering from reflux and, by enabling baby to touch his face and mouth, it helps the child learn to control its movements (liberate and direct his motility). The semi-foetal position also helps baby develop relationships with those around him, whereas lying flat on his back he would be looking at the ceiling or would invariably have his head turned to the same side (which is the position he adopted latterly in the womb).

Les Personnages de Melbourne - Marie-Liesse Vivet, 28/03/2012

We became first time parents 14 months ago and received a Cocoonababy as a gift. Our baby was sleeping between six and eight hours through the night from day one!

The Cocoonababy is now approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). It means that the Australian health authorities have assessed and confirmed the therapeutic values of the Cocoonababy.

Who are your customers? Why?
Any parents! Because sleep is a word that runs circles around our brains for the first months (or years!) of our child’s life!

First time parents (because we all want the best products for our first baby) – but also parents with a toddler as they need more energy through sleep because they need to look after two kids!

This is also a great gift for a baby shower. We also have lots of enquiries from grand-parents… to-be.

Les Personnages de Melbourne - Marie-Liesse Vivet, 28/03/2012

Why did you start your business in Melbourne, and how long ago?
I started my business when our baby was only a few months old. My husband, my baby and myself loved the Cocoonababy for all its benefits so we decided to make it available for other parents so their babies could enjoy it too.

We also distribute other Red Castle products that are complementary to the Cocoonababy or just very unique and useful products for parents.

How is business in Melbourne?
Melbournians will always continue having babies even through the GFC! They are looking for the best and unique products in the marketplace and we help them find it.

What changes have happened in Melbourne (or your suburb) recently that have impacted your business?
Since it is available at Tiny Polkadots in Port Melbourne and Bebe in South Yarra, the Cocoonababy has now become a must have in babies’ nurseries.

How would you improve business in Melbourne (or your suburb)?
Being parents ourselves, we have used all Red Castle products on our children and we are as demanding as our customers (quality, customer service, stock availability).

So we make sure our customers are happy on every level. We know what it is to be parents and have very limited time. Sometimes a phone call is just as easy as jumping on the internet. That’s why we are available on the phone from 9 am to 5 pm to answer questions and provide more information about our products.

How do you see Melbourne (or your suburb) in five years?
Melbourne has always had great potential. Nothing will stop it from growing. It has the benefits of both rural and urban cities which provide great quality of life; it is multicultural which explains why Melbournians are so open-minded; it has a ‘European flavour’ with its fashion, events, cafés, which drives more and more Australian from interstate and tourists. It will be awarded once more ‘Best livable city in the world’!

What’s the most exciting thing currently happening in Melbourne (or your suburb)?
Being French I would say L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival of course!

French Favourites in Melbourne and Paris

What is your favourite place to eat?
In Melbourne: when you experience Le Petit Français, Noisette and Laurent Bakery, either for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you will enjoy a little piece of Europe. The menu, decor and furniture have been carefully selected to ensure you experience a bit of Europe when you step through the front door. These are my favourite cafés as they remind me of France.

In Paris: Ladurée. They have the best macarons in the world! My favourite is the Rose Petal macaroon.

What is your favourite place to drink?
In Melbourne: Bistrot Thierry

In Paris: Café Mabillon, my favourite when I was a student!

What is your favourite place to shop?
In Melbourne: Esprit de famille. The owner Maryline is just delightful, and her range of products is amazing, so Frenchy so chic!

In Paris: Galeries Lafayette. This is by far my favourite French department store. Why? Simply because it has been built over 100 years ago and has a breathtaking glass, a steel dome, and Art Nouveau staircases. I also love shopping at Cyrillus or Simone Perele.

What is your favourite place to play (a nightclub, a park, a museum etc.)?
In Melbourne: I enjoy the Moonlight Cinema as it does two things at a time! Not only a great opportunity for an outdoor romantic dinner or a fancy picnic with friends, but also a great movie to watch in such a unique place!

In Paris: I really enjoy le Louvre… there’s always a beautiful exhibition and also their permanent collection is amazing.

What is your favourite day trip?
From Melbourne: Wilson Promontory for its exotic and gorgeous beaches and track.

From Paris: Chantilly, Senlis. Full of history, wonderful horse racing events, beautifull castle and cathedral, amazing ancient houses and cobbled streets.

Thank you Marie-Liesse for participating in Les personnages de Melbourne on My French Life™.

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  1. Emmanuelle Tremolet Apr 11, 2012 at 4:29 PM - Reply

    Bonne nouvelle ! Le Cocoonababy est enfin arrivé en Australie ! Fini les bébés saucissonnés comme dans les années 30 ! Merci Marie.

  2. marieliesse Apr 17, 2012 at 3:37 PM - Reply

    Merci à vous Emma pour vos commentaires!
    Les bébés adorent leur Cocoonababy® ….qui n’aimerait pas se retrouver dans cette position si agréable qu’est etre dans le ventre de maman?
    Les mamans adorent aussi…fini les nuits agités des premiers mois, place au sommeil et grands sourires!
    Dads, merci pour votre enthousiasme…pas encore de Cocoonababy® prévu pour adultes…babies first!
    Marie Vivet

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