French Music Monday: Hello again, retro – more music from the 80s

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Bonjour à tous! Welcome back to French Music Monday!

Here at Ma Vie Française™ we understand that Mondays can be a drag, so we bring you a selection of French musicians and French-language songs to help start your week. Because if you’re going to force yourself through a Monday, it might as well have theme music.

We’re looking at the 80s again this week, because really, who could ever get sick of the 80s? That hair! That style! That sound!

La Compagnie Créole – ‘C’est Bon Pour Le Moral’

Think summer sounds and Caribbean rhythms. This song is all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. It also instantly made me think of Sebastion singing ‘Under the Sea’ from ‘the Little Mermaid’. Then again, pretty much any tropical-sounding song reminds me of Sebastion.

Julie Pietri – ‘Éve Lève Toi’

Oh femme unique, péché, désir/ Pour un serpent de bible
A brisé son empire/ Bleu de l´enfer, couleur amour
Dessine sur la pierre/ Les mots du premier jour
Saveur amère d´hommes interdits/ A goûté les plaisirs
Que Dieu punit/ Oh! Cœur mortel

I like this song mostly for it’s wonderfully poetic lyrics and for the way Julie’s voice goes from the low to high notes. There’s also an English version of the song, but it’s got nothing on the original.

Peter & Sloane – ‘Besoin De Rien, Envie De Toi’
Personally, this song makes me cringe. But I get scowled at me everytime I say so. Apparently there are people out there who don’t find it cringe-worthy. It was number 1 on the charts for nine weeks in 1984, so I guess that counts for something.

Jean Schultheis – ‘Confidence pour Confidence’

I want to say something about Jean’s awesome gravelly voice, or how great I think these lyrics are, but I keep getting distracted by his afro and the sailor jacket.

Étienne Daho – ‘Week-end à Rome’

Look at that handsome mug. And his voice really is quite seductive. Everytime I hear this song I feel like I’m being seduced, and I’ve no idea what this song is even about because I can never concentrate on listening past his voice to the lyrics themselves.

Image credit:
1. Julie Pietri, via Popscreen

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  1. sergion Nov 20, 2012 at 2:00 PM - Reply

    ‘Eve leve toi’ was a huge hit for Julie Pietri, one of my favourites. I also liked Jeanne Mas and in particular her style apart from her cool music. I probably should not admit this but oh well, I have a large collection of 80s French hits.

  2. Cécile Mazurier Nov 26, 2012 at 12:39 AM - Reply

    Taxi Girl is a great new wave French band from the 80s.
    For some punk, Béruriers Noir is good and has strong lyrics. Or Noir Désir, which is the most popular rock band in France.
    But if you like pop music, Rita Mitsouko and Niagara are the ones to listen.

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