My favourite French Christmas dish – Part 1


Fond Christmas memories often begin in the kitchen. The dishes you make every year; the ones only your Mother or Father make best; the little extravagances reserved only for the festive season. 

So what do the French favour for Christmas? The Ma Vie Française team share their favourite festive treats and indulgences…


Tina says…
“The Desserts: bûche de Noël, fruit cake, and fougasse bread. The reason why is because I’m a certified ‘Dessert, Pastry & Bread-A-Holic’.

I’ve made many of the different fruit desserts and breads, (the plant-based way). And a plant-based version of the bûche de Noël is for sure in my future this year.”


Norma says…
“I absolutely love Galette des Roi. Although you normally eat it in January, it is celebration of the Epiphany in the Christmas season. Not only is it delicious with almond filling in flaky dough, but I also love the tradition behind it. Last year my family attempted to make it and we seriously failed, but we still did the tradition of finding the ve and making a king for the day!”


Charles says…
Foie gras with toast – because it’s delicious. We only eat it twice a year: Christmas, and New Year.”

Abby says…
“While I usually prefer American holiday food, I have one exception: Beef Burgundy. It makes the perfect Christmas Eve dinner.

I prepare it in the crockpot and whip some potatoes as a side. If you really want to add a crowd-pleasing French touch, drizzle some truffle oil into the whipped potatoes!”

Jacqueline says…
“I could not imagine a French Christmas without dinde aux marrons and bûche glacée. If you celebrate, then you have to make do with tradition. I have never cooked either of them, my grandmother and mother would, not me.”

My favourite Christmas dish part one - maviefrancaise - myfrenchlife -

Joséphine says…
Le foie de canard sur toast, justement car il ne demande quasiment pas de préparation, ça se mange comme des tartines…”

What is your favourite French dish? Quel est votre plat favori à Noël ?

Image credits:
1. Fougasse in Aix-en-Provence, by cbertel on Flickr
2. Gallete des Rois, by Dianne on Au soleil, sous la pluie
3. Boeuf Bourgignon, by Leoslo on Flickr 
4. Christmas Turkey, kevinq2000 on Flickr

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