My French Christmas: Coco

Hannah Duke 12/11/12

How do you spend Christmas in France? What do the French do better at Christmas time? And what could they learn from your pays de naissance? We investigate…

Coco says…

Coco Nicole Rosenthal signoff portraitMy favourite thing about Christmas in France…
Coming from Southern California, I never had a ‘real’ winter. I love that it is actually cold and snowy. I am also completely addicted to Christmas markets and vin chaud.

I love how Paris totally gets in the Christmas spirit – twinkle lights are hung, decorations are displayed, and the streets smell like delicious Christmas goodies.

Coco 1

What I miss about Christmas in my hometown…
My mom always takes all the regular décor out of our house and replaces it with Christmas decorations. It is like a winter wonderland when you walk into to my house and I will always love it! I miss being around before Christmas day and really enjoying the season.

What I think the French do better at Christmas
We don’t really have Christmas markets in the States. I don’t know why because they are so wonderful! I also think France is able to embrace the spirit a bit more. If I could just move my parent’s house here, I prefer Christmas in France!

What are your favourite things about Christmas in France? 

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1. Paris la nuit, by john-aïves-1946 on Flickr

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