My favourite French Christmas dish – Part Two


Fond Christmas memories often begin in the kitchen. The dishes you make every year; the ones only your Mother or Father make best; the little extravagances only reserved for the festive season. 

So what do the French favour for Christmas? The Ma Vie Française™ team share their favourite festive treats and indulgences…



Emily says…
Chapon stuffed with foie gras. It’s just so rich and decadent; it seems perfect for Christmas. And yes, I’ve cooked it, but mine was nowhere near as good as that of my father-in-law.”

An says…
“My favorite French Christmas dish is rabbit with mustard sauce. It is an easy meal that avoids the cook having to spend hours in the kitchen, it will be appreciated by everyone and is equally a Belgian traditional Christmas dish.”

Elisabeth says…
“I do not have a sweet tooth, but I love the bûche de Noël, more because of the way it looks more than because of the way it tastes.

I made it once, for the Christmas in 1976, the first Christmas I spent in the United States after I had moved permanently here. Although my bûche turned out very nicely, I never made another one, because it had taken me an entire day to make it!”

Isabelle says…
“Il n’y a pas vraiment de plat typique de Noël à part peut être la bûche en dessert. Celle que je préfère est au chocolat et à la framboise. On la fait presque chaque année.”
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Adèle says…
Les noix de Saint Jacques (scallops). My Grandmother cooks them with leeks and curry, and you can either cook them or eat them tartare – raw. Christmas dinner in France is very heavy, so this part is a bit lighter.”

What is your favourite French dish? Quel est votre plat favori à Noël?

Image Credits:
1. La table du réveillon de Noël, by vincen-t on Flickr
2. Foie gras maison façon Maman, by Jéremy Couture on Flickr
3. Pecan bourbon buche de noel, by sassyradish on Flickr
4. Noix de Saint Jacques en salade, by bloggybougla

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