My Fondest French Christmas memory: Elisabeth

Hannah Duke 12/11/12

Elisabeth says

“For a number of years, my parents owned a shop where they sold fish, poultry, and prepared dishes. Needless to say that the holiday season was incredibly busy.

During that time, my brother and I would stuff literally thousands of snails into shells, and then cover them up with garlic butter that my father had prepared – and that came close to slave labor! Those were sold in my parents’ shop, and they would sell like hot cakes!

By Christmas evening, we were all bushed. We would go to the midnight mass (still, that Catholic thing!), and, after our return home, we’d have slices of ‘coquille de Noël‘ a specialty bread from northern France, with butter and hot chocolate. Christmas presents were never that big a deal in my household. We never got that many.”

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