My most memorable NYE in France

The air is crisp, the champagne cork has been popped and you’re waiting for the moment the clock ticks over to midnight. New Years is magical no matter where you are, but there’s something special about le reveillon du nouvel an en France.

The Ma Vie Française™ team share their most memorable New Year’s Eve in France…

Adèle says…

“Most of the time, I celebrate New Year’s Eve with my friends, and we change the place every year. A few years ago, instead of nice dresses et shirts, we celebrated New Year’s Eve ‘Québec style‘! With lumberjack shirts, special dishes and funny drinking games!”

Coco says…

“My first year I lived here. Normally, I have always had low key New Year’s Eves spent with family and close friends at home. However, my first year in Paris, my friends and I went to a club on the Champs Elysees.


We got all dressed up and there were so many of us. Some of us even had some friends visiting. I remember it being so cold but we were all so happy to be together as it rarely happened due to our conflicting schedules. My friends I had made were from all over the world – the US, Austria, Sweden…

The club had set up a huge buffet and champagne bar so we were able to sit all together and enjoy before the party started. Then when it reached midnight we all celebrated our traditions – I even waltzed with my Austrian friend! I was just appreciative to be in Paris to kick off the New Year with the new family I had created. I will never forget that night.”

Jacqueline says…

“The celebration of the year 2000, spent at a friend’s apartment in Paris in the 7th, that had a view on the Eiffel Tower – we saw the glittering numbers appear at midnight, it was a memorable moment.”


Sophie says…

“Mon meilleur souvenir du nouvel an en France est quand j’ai vu la Tour Eiffel scintiller après le décompte le soir du 31. C’est très très très cliché mais j’étais petite et c’était une des premières fois que je la voyais.”

Abby says…

“In my five years in Paris, I only spent New Year’s here the very first year.


I had friends visiting from New York and we invited other friends over to my house for dinner. We decided at the last minute to run out to the Seine to soak up some of the midnight excitement.

We made it to one of the bridges just in time to see the Eiffel Tower light up at midnight. Luckily, I had kept my New York friends away so they thought the sparkles were only for New Year’s! Well, at least they were impressed!”

Elisabeth says…

“Probably the year when I got engaged to my future husband, whom I had met in the United States. He came to spend the holidays in France in December, 1974, and we got engaged (not on New Year’s Day, but we had a special family gathering at some time between Christmas and New Year).”

Tina says…


“I’ll let you know because I think it will be THIS New Year’s Eve 2013! We are going to Paris and I will be standing in front of the Tour Eiffel when we start the countdown: Cinq, Quatre, Trois, Deux, Un! Woo hoo!”

How did you spend your most memorable New Year’s Eve in France? What are you doing to celebrate this year? We’d love to hear all about it!

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Image credits:
1. Champs Elysee, New Years Eve 1999-2000, by StevenErat on Flickr
2. New Year’s Eve, by pluckytree on Flickr 
3. Disneyland Paris New Years Eve 2006-2007, by John van Hulsen on Flickr
4. New Year’s Eve at Metz, by Kmeron on Flickr 
5. Untitled, by herby_fr on Flickr

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