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Learn French for free! 5 great online resources


Whether you’re an expat in Paris mastering French, a college student looking to travel to Bordeaux, or a casual learner taking online classes, consistent practice with varied tools is the key to mastering any language.

Utilize these sites for free games, quizzes, vocabulary lists and more, and soon you’ll be living la belle vie!

1. Forvo: Can’t remember how to pronounce that tough word? Listen to native language speakers say thousands of French words on Forvo.

2. This language-learning program provides tons of free French vocabulary lists, grammar guides, online games, articles and more.

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3. MyHappyPlanet: Helps users learn a variety of languages, including French, from native speakers around the world by providing a free, online messaging platform.

4. Sets up speaking partners within its online community to help users practice their new language with native speakers.

5. Read newspapers and magazines, watch TV and listen to the radio – all in French! This site has a collection of French media to browse and consume.

Have you visited any of these websites already? Do you have any others to add to our list? Tell us your feedback and suggestions in the comments below, or join the conversation on Twitter: @MaVieFrancaise, #LearnFrench.

Click here for some more useful resources for first-time French learners.

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  1. Katerina Forrester
    9 years ago

    Another great free interactive online resource is
    There is a section titled ‘langue francaise’ which has articles and word games. As well as links to information on ‘Afrique’ and tv shows under ‘Jeunesse’.
    There is also a free dictionary available.