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My Paris favourites: Olivier Magny – Ô Chateau

Judy MacMahon - 08.05.2013

Recently we had a chat with wine connoisseur and owner of wine bar Ô Chateau, Olivier Magny, who spoke about his new book and his passion for a good drop. 

Here, he shares with us some of his favourite places in and around Paris. Discover where to get the best cassoulet in the city – and where to go for wine to match it!

Olivier, tell us your favourite places …

Judy MacMahon - 13/06/2013 -

To eat

I love Auberge Pyrénées Cévennes in the 11th. It’s temple of conviviality and authenticity. Best cassoulet in town!

To drink

Well, I might be biased but I’d say Ô Chateau. Awesome wine selection, beautiful place, friendly staff, and great food!

To buy wine

Well, I love the selection at Les Caves Augé, but truth be told, I tend to steal bottles from Ô Chateau rather than buying them from wine shops these days.

To shop

I’m addicted to Jean-Paul Hévin’s fabulous chocolats (on the rue St Honoré). Also a big fan of the pralunine, chez Pralus, on the Rue Rambuteau. Yup, sweet tooth indeed!

Judy MacMahon - 08.05.2013

To play (nightclub, park, museum etc.)

On a sunny day, I love to go have a picnic in the Jardin de Bagatelle in the Bois de Boulogne. Tourists should take a cab to get there but it’s worth it for some peaceful time.

Judy MacMahon - 08.05.2013

For a day trip

I love to go to Chantilly. It’s close enough, the château is beautiful, the park soothing and the horse museum fun. Otherwise, for people coming from overseas, I’d say Champagne is a must.

Judy MacMahon - 08.05.2013

Wine region in France…

To drink, the Rhône Valley. To visit, tough call, but I’ll happily confess a special liking for Alsace.

Judy MacMahon - 08.05.2013

Merci, Olivier, for sharing your Parisian perspective with MaVieFrançaise®! Who better to gives us tips on where to eat, drink and play than a French sommelier?

Read our recent interview with the Ô Chateau owner here.

Image credits:
1, 2 & 6. Courtesy Olivier Magny and Ô Chateau
3. Pralus Papouasie by EverJean via Flickr
4.  Bagatelle by Malcom Manners via Flickr
5. Chantilly by Nawal via Flickr

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