Discover the many faces of France: chefs, authors, artists, architects, singers, restaurateurs... people just like you, with a passion that ties them to France. Listen as they share their scintillating stories, treasured memories and favourite French places.

Cinessance: The 'Netflix of French film' launched in North America—Meet founder Clément Monnet

Cinessance: brush up your French, or your film quotes, or pretend you're in France—For Francophiles, Francophones, French expats, & international film buffs in North America.

Entrepreneurs and Creatives in France: meet Vernice Klier

Vernice Klier: an inspiring creative who has overcome hardship to have an impressive and diverse career
 Paris, France

Interview: mother-daughter bridge Atlantic with books — Patti Lecron and Marianne Lecron

Creative collaboration has helped achieve family goal of leaving children literary, artistic, and entrepreneurial heritage.

Interview: Jacqueline - Parisienne now & in a past-life...

Jacqueline, fanatical about France, enjoys the Parisian lifestyle. At home in the capital she fulfills her lifelong dream of living here! Learn about her challenges, best bits and tips.

The French Village Diaries: meet the author – interview Susan Herrmann Loomis

Meet Susan Herrmann Loomis, award-winning author of 'In a French Kitchen', journalist, and professional chef.

Interview: Grahame Elliott - creative writing in Paris and the Loire Valley

Former teacher, concert pianist, fiction writer, happily semi-retired in his château in the Loire Valley.

Interview: Harriet Welty Rochefort — almost 50 years in France

After 50 years in France... My roots are not here but my heart is.

Kevin Doolan street photographer in Paris—Creatives in France

Interview: Captured Paris moments & insight from Kevin Doolan talented street photographer.
 Paris, France

Interview: Elisabeth Sauvage-Callaghan - from Lille to the USA

France is in my DNA – so yes, there is such a thing as a born Francophile!

Interview: Susan Kiernan-Lewis - Paris, Provence & murder mysteries

Learn how Susan, the prolific author, indulges her Francophilia to enable regular visist back to France.