Paris insider tips with Cécile Rummler, W Hotel Paris – Opéra

Cécile Rummler - Paris insider tips - My French Life™Come with us behind closed doors to meet the secret keepers of Paris.

You will have met dozens on your travels through France, and all across the globe, though perhaps you never noticed.

Mais bien sûr – they noticed you: certain secrets they discover will always remain untold, while others beg to be shared… but only with a special few.

Meet Cécile Rummler, concierge at W Hotel Paris – Opéra. She shares tales of daily life at a luxury hotel in the French capital, as well as her top Paris insider tips and traps.

W Hotel Paris Opera - Paris insider tips - My French Life™

What is the question you’re asked the most by guests, and what is your answer?

Our guests always want to do everything in a short amount of time. I often have to remind them to take the time and enjoy Paris properly.

I am usually blunt about it and say to them “You won’t do everything – that’s impossible. So just relax and check what your preferences are”. I always ask them what they like so I can get a sense of who they are and what will suit them better.

What is the one dish you think our readers must try while in Paris?

I would recommend going to Pamela Popo and trying their chocolate tarte. It’s to die for. I also think Paris is about sitting on a terrasse and people watch – that is what they are made for.

I advise people to go to rue des Martyrs, which is a street with small bakeries, fromageries, poissoneries etc. It is a perfect way to immerse yourself in the city.

Paris Night - Paris insider tips - My French Life™

What’s hot right now in Paris?

For restaurants, Monsieur Bleu is very chic and has been very successful. If you are looking for something a little bit more hipster, Le Dépanneur is the place to go.

Where would you recommend our members go to discover real French fashion?

I recommend going to Catherine B on Boulevard Saint Germain. It is a small store selling only Vintage Chanel and Hermes accessories. You will not find a place like that anywhere else.

Briony Whitehouse -

I also recommend going to the flea markets in Paris. It’s something every ‘fashion fan’ should do.

Favourite places in Paris:

To eat

Pamela Popo

15 rue François Miron
75004 Paris
Métro: Saint-Paul

To drink

La Palette

43 rue de Seine
75006 Paris
Métro: Mabillon

To chill

I love going to exhibitions, I enjoy shopping and going out for dinner. I really enjoy taking my time in Paris when I can.

To listen to music

Except for jazz clubs, Paris doesn’t have many bars where music is playing. The W is just starting to introduce the idea of listening to a singer while having a cocktail. We always try to put a new singer on the stage, introducing them to our guests.

To shop

Le Marais. You are outside and you encounter a huge variety of shops. You can find big brands as well as small boutiques.


For a day trip

If I want to relax and be with my family, I will go to Bordeaux and if I have the chance to go on a plane, I would go to Barcelona and spend a day in the W. I love it!

Thank you Cécile for sharing your Paris insider tips & favourite places. We were delighted to meet you and learn about the W Hotel Paris – Opéra.

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Image credits:
1-3. courtesy W Hotel Paris – Opéra
4. Paris Night, via Wikimedia Commons.
5. Catherine B’s, courtesy Briony Whitehouse.
6. Pamela Popo, by Derekb via Flickr.
7. Saint Paul from rue Sevigné, by Loïc Lagarde via Flickr.


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