Things to do in Paris: Cartier exhibition, Grand Palais

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If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, no one does diamonds like Cartier. Pushing the boundaries of jewellery since 1847, Cartier not only pioneered the wristwatch; they have been a trendsetter in the world of gems and jewels from the very beginning.

Get up close with Cartier

To celebrate the legacy of this famed brand, the Grand Palais in Paris will be hosting an exhibition, ‘Cartier: le style et l’histoire. The exhibition – running from 4 December until 16 February – is the perfect opportunity to learn a little more about this iconic maison de bijoux.

Featuring jewels worn by royalty and Hollywood stars – from Grace Kelly’s 10.47 carat engagement ring to the tiara worn by Kate Middleton on her wedding day – the exhibition features 600 Cartier pieces, some from Cartier’s collection and others on loan from private collectors.

History of a French icon

Often referred to as the ‘jeweller of kings’, the Cartier brand has produced exceptional products from its very first

Things to do in Paris: Cartier exhibition, Grand Palais -


From creating symbolic broaches of birds trapped in cages during the occupation of France, to Elizabeth Taylor’s famous ‘La Peregrina’ necklace, Cartier’s appeal is in its legacy and boundary-pushing opulence.

Cartier’s biggest fans

The Cartier brand does not just signify opulence; it alludes to the highest of social classes. From Princess Grace of Monaco to Mexican actress Maria Félix, Cartier has made extravagant jewels for the world’s elite.

Offering context and history, the exhibition showcases pieces commissioned by royals, heiresses and socialites – with items on loan from Queen Elizabeth and Albert of Monaco.

Things to do in Paris: Cartier exhibition, Grand Palais -

Whether it’s admiring Daisy Fellowes ‘Tutti Frutti’ necklace or the Duchess of Windsor’s flamingo broach, the Pink Heater blog say through this magnificent jewellery, “we can appreciate the ambitions of this special clientele who proudly represented Cartier during their lifetime.”

The French story of Cartier

Rendez vous en France’ says the exhibition unfolds like a story, “creating a different atmosphere for each section, achieving its twofold aim of letting the magic of the objects speak for itself while giving visitors the keys to understanding this eventful tale.”

This exhibition offers visitors a chance to see priceless jewels and learn about the evolution of the Cartier brand, spanning from its first sell to Napoleon’s niece, to Marilyn Monroe’s endorsement in ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’.

When: 4 December – 16 February
Where: Grand Palais
3 avenue du Général-Eisenhower
Paris 75008
Cost: general 11€, concesion 8€, free entry for under 16s

Will we see you at the Grand Palais? If you could own one piece from the exhibition what would it be? Share your thoughts in the comments box below!

All images via Cartier Facebook page.

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  1. Selina Sykes Dec 20, 2013 at 11:53 AM - Reply

    I went last week – a great expo with so many pieces and well worth the money. I was very surprised to see that the Brits have let the French have their hands on Kate’s wedding tiara!

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