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French bread expressions - www.MyFrenchLife.orgJust like us francophiles, the French are fous du pain. French bread is something special, and no we’re not simply indulging in a cliché.

After investigating the French obsession with bread, it’s really no surprise then that the French have a lot of expressions incorporating their most cherished gastronomic icon.

The list is almost as long as a baguette, so here are some of my favourites:

Avoir du pain sur la planche – to have lots of work to be getting on with

Ça ne mange pas de pain – it doesn’t cost anything

Gagner sa croûte – to earn a living

Manger son pain blanc – to have it easy

Manger son pain blanc le premier – to have it easy at the start

Coller un pain – to punch someone

Vendre comme des petits pains – to sell like hot cakes

Bon comme du bon pain – excellent

Être bon comme du bon pain – to have a heart of gold

Je ne mange pas de ce pain-là – I won’t have anything to do with it

Être pain béni pour quelqu’un – to be a godsend for someone

Faire passer le goût du pain à quelqu’un – to teach somebody a lesson they won’t forget

Être trempé comme une soupe (pain mouillé) – to be soaked to the skin

À la mie de pain – useless, no use

Pour une bouchée/un morceau de pain – something that’s cheap

What’s your favourite bread-themed expression? Share with us in the comments box below !

Image credit: Boulangerie in Veigy, via Kylie Thurston Grosser on Pinterest.

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