What’s on in Paris this February?

Things to do in Paris in February 2014 - www.MyFrenchLife.orgWhether you’re heading to Paris for the Valentine’s Day madness, or travelling there in spite of it, there really is no better place to spend your February.

With the weather crisp and clear – and the misery of January behind us – the French capital has never been so appealing.

If you’re young and in love, or old and embittered, we guarantee your heart will be warmed. We’ve collected the best Paris has to offer to get you off the beaten track, and keep you entertained…

Silent Faces Exhibition

Things to do in Paris in February 2014 - Silent Faces exhibition - www.MyFrenchLife.org

What? A range of exciting artists remodel their own pasts in this poignant exhibition, using everything from photo albums to the forgotten stuff in the attic to remember a history previously archived.

Why should I go? This free exhibition is a truly unusual attempt to create beauty and art, and may well be one of the most distinctive things happening in Paris this February.

Focusing mainly on photography, but taking a whole range of mediums into account too, this shouldn’t be missed by anyone with a penchant for the unique. Check out the curator’s description on Slash Paris to get a feel for the event.

When? This exhibition runs straight through February, ending in early March.

Galerie 22,48 m2
10 January – 8 March 2014
Métro: Pyrenees

Festival Circulations(S)

Things to do in Paris in February 2014 - Festival circulations - www.MyFrenchLife.org

What? A photography exhibition showcasing the work of young, talented photographers from across Europe.

Why should I go? Even if you’re not the biggest fan of photography, you’re bound to see something inspiring here. With the future of the photographic arts collected under one roof, the work on show will be diverse, innovative and very, very impressive.

The exhibition’s website has more information, as well as a small sample of the photography that will be on show.

When? Not starting until 7 February, you might just discover the next big thing at this exciting exhibition, and we couldn’t help but include it.

104 (Centquatre)
7 February – 16 March 2014
Métro: Riquet

La Fancuilla del West

Things to do in Paris in February 2014 - La Fancuilla del west - www.MyFrenchLife.org

What? Opera’s first ever western, this show was first performed in New York in 1910, and comes to Paris for the first time this February.

Why should I go? Hailed as a masterpiece, this entertaining opera is an excellent way to spend a very luxurious evening. Funny as well as dramatic and romantic, anyone who deigns to call opera boring might think twice after seeing this…

Running at three hours long with two intervals, who can resist spending an evening at the opera…

When? Throughout February. Check out their website for the exact dates.

Opera de la Bastille
1 February – 28February
Métro: Bastille

Gustave Doré – The Power of the Imagination

Things to do in Paris in February 2014 - Gustave Doré - www.MyFrenchLife.orgWhat? The latest exhibition at the famous Musée d’Orsay features the work of illustrator Gustave Doré and examines the influence he has had on modern-day graphic novels and comics.

Why should I go? This is the first exhibition in 30 years dealing with Doré’s legacy; it explores his work as not only an illustrator (he challenged himself to illustrate the world’s greatest works of literature) but also his love of watercolour and sculpture.

Doré worked in a multitude of different genres, and so this exhibition will no doubt be varied, diverse and very interesting, with something to please everyone.

When? From 11 February onwards.

Musée d’Orsay
11 February – 11 May 2014
Métro: Solferino


Things to do in Paris in February 2014 - Retromobile - www.MyFrenchLife.org

What? An exhibition of vintage cars with a variety of different events, vendors and even an auction.

Why should I go? For anyone with even the slightest interest in cars, this is an event not to be missed.  As for those of us who don’t know a Ford from a Prius, it should still be a fairly spectacular sight, not to mention educational!

Perfect for automobile enthusiasts, with hundreds of cars from across the decades brought together in the same room, there should be enough history to keep everyone interested.

When? This exhibition only lasts five short days, so check out their website to decide if it will make your to-do list!

Paris expo Porte de Versailles
5 February – 9 February 2014
Métro: Porte de Versailles

Ready to Wear Fashion Week

Things to do in Paris in February 2014 - Ready to wear Fashion week - www.MyFrenchLife.orgWhat? Paris fashion is more than just one week, and the Ready to Wear collections show how you can be fashionable without breaking the bank.

Why should I go? With Parisian haute couture undoubtedly beautiful, it’s also impractical – as artistic and beautiful as the clothes are, they would look bizarre if we wore them to the office.

With most of us not VIP enough to be invited to the sort of events where such haute couture would be appropriate, the Ready to Wear fashion week offers top fashion, from some of Paris’ top fashion houses, which isn’t restricted to the runway.

Where? Various locations across Paris. Check out the official website for the full schedule.

Various locations
25 February – 5 March 2014

Salon de Paris au Parc Floral Printemps

Things to do in Paris in February 2014 - Salon de Paris -  www.MyFrenchLife.orgWhat? An exhibition celebrating the richness of French gastronomy and fine wines, this event aims to promote French culinary traditions to people from across the globe.

Why should I go? This event collates French gastronomic tradition and culinary finesse into one room. With a multitude of things to see, smell and taste, you can’t find a better way to experience French food.

At just 3 euros entry per person, this exhibition is perfect for the Francophile foodie looking to immerse themselves in the very best of the world’s cuisine.

When? For just the first three days in February, so while it may be difficult to schedule this into your trip, we think it will definitely be worth it!

Parc Floral
31 January – 3 February 2014
Metro : Château de Vincennes

And a few more…

Cheer for France as they play Italy in the Six Nations rugby game at the Stade de France, or why not take a trip to the cinema and see La Belle et la Bête – a famous French fairy tale translated onto the big screen.

Do you know any fabulous Parisian events we should add to our list? Share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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  1. Sandra E Brown Feb 10, 2014 at 4:57 PM - Reply

    The Silent Faces exhibition sounds amazing. It’s unfortunate that so many people’s experiences with art are from being dragged around galleries on school tours. I find they simply don’t believe me that as adults, they will see art (in its many forms) very differently.

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