Special offer – Nomador x MyFrenchLife.org – make your next French dream trip a reality

Special offer - Nomador.com MyFrenchLife.org - French dream trip - savvy traveller - House-sitting

Get your FREE upgrade* as a partnership offer with Nomador.com for MyFrenchLife.org members.

20* FREE upgrades available in EACH country

List your house in Australia, USA, UK or wherever you live and have a holiday yourself with peace of mind. Nomador have trust confirmed community members waiting to holiday where you live. At the moment most of these are French people! Now there is an opportunity!

Find out how below…

If you have deux yeux and love France, you might have noticed we’ve been sharing a lot of our savvy traveller wisdom lately…

While practical advice is always so useful, we thought it was time we offered something a little more… tangible. We know how amazing it feels to realise your French dreams, so we really (really!) want you to make your next French adventure a reality!

Special offer - Nomador.com MyFrenchLife.org - French dream trip - savvy traveller - House-sitting

Making French connections, living like a local

As Francophiles, for us a holiday in France is much more than baguettes, beaches, alps and macarons. We want to truly experience French culture, practice our language skills and make meaningful connections with the French. Most of all, we long to live like locals, so that we can know for a moment – or a week or month – what it’s like to truly live the French lifestyle.

So in partnership with Nomador, we’re offering MyFrenchLife.org members something special to make this happen.

Why Nomador?

Nomador lets members become house-sitters for home-owners all across the globe (but especially in France, bien sûr). It also allows members to list their own homes, so that they can leave their house (and pets) in the hands of capable and trustworthy house-sitters.

Special offer - Nomador.com MyFrenchLife.org - French dream trip - savvy traveller - House-sitting

It allows savvy travellers the chance to explore the world – with peace of mind.

Just imagine – you could be meeting French people all over the globe. When someone stays in your home, and when you stay in someone else’s home – this is not necessarily an exchange!

Our special offer

If you’re dying to make your next French vacation a reality, this is for you.

The first 20 people in each country to list their house will receive an exclusive and free upgrade from the Discovery option (free) to Confidence option.

The most valuable thing a Nomador member can do is ensure their profile has a high trust rating. The Confidence option makes sure this happens – it means you’ll be able to form more relationships online, and have access to the homes and sitters that are best for you.

How? It really is très facile*

1. Place ‘MFL’ at the end of your username/pseudo when you sign up on Nomador.com – for example: JudyMFL or SallyMFL.

2. List your house – place an advert on Nomador.com – click on ‘Find house-sitters’

3. Let us know you’ve done so in the comments below… if you are not a member then join here now.

Et voilà ! If you’re one of the first 20 in your country to do so, you’ll receive the free upgrade.

Special offer - Nomador.com MyFrenchLife.org - French dream trip - savvy traveller - House-sitting

*Terms & Conditions:
To be eligible entrants must be members on MyFrenchLife.org & Nomador.com (it’s free!). They must list a house on Nomador.com, and be one of the first 20 in their country to do so.
The decision and allocation is completely at the discretion of Nomador.com.
Confidence option is valued at $99AUD per year.
Winners will be announced on the Nomador.com and MyFrenchLife.org Facebook pages.

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